Miscellany Monday

The keys to the perfect summer afternoon are sunshine, a book, a pool, a cool drink and snacks.
I'm not really that tan, that's just a perk of the Hipstamatic camera app's funky lenses and films.

Y'all know that I am huge fan of the library's online hold system.

Didja know that sometimes I get a bit over zealous in placing said online holds?
It's true.

I might have an addictive personality.

That said, when I start a new series, in this case the mystery series by Louise Penny, I am usually optimistic and sure that I will like it and will want to continue reading without pesky interruptions like having to go to the library to pick up the next book. The only logical thing is to just go ahead and get the first, oh say, six books in the series.

Am I right?

I've already cast aside The Hypnotist's Love Story, way too chick-lit-y, which is sad because I loved What Alice Forgot and The Husband's Secret (yes, those are chick-lit-y too but not in an annoying way). Mrs. Poe was so-so and I learned more about Edgar Allan Poe, which, creepy.

Does a bowl of cherries make you happy too?

It also makes me think of Erma Bombeck.

Annelise has been blessed, although she'd probably say cursed, with thick curly hair.

Of course she wants thin straight as a board hair.

Because the grass is always greener.

Cue Erma Bombeck again.

(Name those two Erma Bombeck books.)
One day last week we played hair salon and I straightened her hair.

Or at least attempted.

With my trusty flat iron, some Chi heat protectant spray, velcro rollers, time and patience.

She loved it!!

I tried not to cry when she wanted to go jump on the trampoline later that evening.

Oh the humidity.

We've loved playing Settlers of Catan (although we haven't played in a long time) (it's a great strategy type family game) so when I heard raves about Ticket to Ride Europe (another strategy style game) I ordered it.

Last year.

And then we promptly never played it.

I know!

However, we rectified this terrible wrong over the weekend.
Things got off to rocky start Friday evening though when after 30 minutes of Scott reading the directions out loud and we still weren't quite sure how to play.

We muddled through. Sort of.

Scott re-read the directions (they really are a bit daunting) that night, silently this time, thank goodness, and he had a better grasp on all the particulars.

We gathered around the table Sunday afternoon, fortified with coffee and chocolate, of course, and played a full game.
It was a LOT of fun!

Even though Scott won.
Three lovely (young) ladies lunching.

Annelise was so excited to get to see Ellen (on the right) again after meeting her earlier this year.  It's a long story, but in a nutshell, Ellen's parents were a big encouragement to us when we were starting the international adoption process years ago. They adopted Ellen as a baby from Russia and hearing their story--and knowing Ellen (she was probably three or four at the time we started our adoption journey) helped us so much. They've since moved away but happened to be down this weekend for a visit.

I can't really explain it but Annelise felt an immediate connection to Ellen because of their similar background, even though they didn't really talk about it other than something along the lines of,

"So, you were born in Russia?"


"Me too."


And that was that.

(This conversation happened as they were each engrossed in their iPods, in a Hampton Inn lounge in February around the ages of 10 and 14, respectively.

But meeting someone from similar circumstances made a huge impression on Annelise.

I'm not so secretly hoping they can be pen pals.

Or e-mail pals.

Or Snapchat buddies.

(Although I do not really *get* Snapchat.)

Happy Monday, y'all!



  1. Luci had Snapchat and I took it off her phone, I don't understand all that either but I was glad I did take it off. A few months later I found out that while she was on her mission trip this summer , some of her "friends" took a photo of another girl IN THE SHOWER and put it on Snapchat. Apparently the picture is only visible for a short time before it "disappears" but as I explained to my kids it's probably out there somewhere forever. So I don't understand all the social media but I do know I don't want my kids on it.

    You are a fun mom with the board games, the game Sorry is about as much as I will do with games.

    I love the online hold system too. Plus it's a nice surprise when I forget I'm waiting for a book (like there are 87 people in line ahead of me) and then I get a text from the library telling me my book has arrived.

    1. Yes, I'm not so sure I'm keen on the whole disappearing photo thing on Snapchat either. Right now A. only has like two or three Snapchat contacts so we're just trying it out. She wants Instagram but we're holding off on that for now (even though I use it, but I'm 45).

      I love it when a long standing hold comes in after I've almost forgotten--it's a great surprise! :)

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