What I Wore Wednesday


It's been a sweet forever since I've done a What I Wore post.

I don't know what came over me this week but I decided it was time for one.

You're ever so welcome.
top: free people, nordstrom (sale)

denim shorts: lucky brand, zappos

birkenstocks: zappos
(I never thought I'd be a Birk girl, but apparently I am, at least this gizeh t-stap style, soooo comfy and no plantar fasciatis flare ups.)

I don't know what is so fascinating on the ground (flagstone? my feet?) or off to the side (a tree actually) but those seem to be my go-to pose, it feels less awkward for some reason. 
earrings: gorjana, nordstrom

necklace: twisted silver

leather cuff: farmgirl paints
dress: loft

denim jacket: nordstrom

patent nude flats: vince camuto, nordstrom

earrings & necklace: kendra scott

watch: michael kors
slouchy tee: free people, nordstrom

jeans: zappos

camo toms: nordstrom

earrings & necklace: twisted silver

The front semi-tuck looks awkward, hmmm.
denim shirt: j. crew factory

white boyfriend jeans: loft

patent nude flats: nordstrom

green belt: j. crew factory 

necklace: kendra scott, neiman marcus last call

earrings: gorjana, nordstrom

leather cuff: farmgirl paints

watch: michael kors
Please ignore my roots, I am.

I think (and I hope) this outfit was more flattering in person than the photo might show. The jeans are distressed and really comfortable, but maybe I should have just worn the shirt untucked or used a different color belt.

I wear my nude flats all the time, they are the perfect shoe because they're neutral, go with everything, and the patent can be dressy or casual. Plus they're really comfortable.

I'm linking up with Get Your Pretty On , Because Shanna Said So & The Pleated Poppy, be sure to pop over there for oodles more fashion inspiration!
pleated poppy
Happy Wednesday, my fellow fashionistas!


Miscellany Monday

Even though we know we shouldn't, we sometimes get donuts on Saturdays.

Because Saturdays and donuts go together nicely.

We usually get Shipley's because, well, it's Shipley's and they're the best. However, this time we threw caution to the wind and Scott picked up Dunkin Donuts instead.
He spoils us.
Can you guess which ones were for me? I'm boring and always like the old fashioned chocolate or sour cream glazed (but this time got a plain cake), Scott and Annelise always get iced donuts. Not that you care, but at Shipley's I always get plain glazed. Now you know.

Ever since I saw Meg Duerksen's awesome owls earlier this summer I've been itching to make them too, but of course carried that itch no further. Until this weekend.

And of course coloring is more fun against a background of Once Upon a Time.

Sidenote: I used to watch Once Upon a Time but quit for some reason in season two. Annelise and I started binge watching on Netflix during the summer. We love all the characters and twists and turns and the whole good vs. evil, can people change themes.
Mine's on the left. They were really fun to do, although it was hard to convince Annelise to give it a whirl, I guess because you have to draw the owl first using a continuous line, which is a bit of a challenge if you're a perfectionist. Scott made one too! We now have a little family of crazy owls hanging in our hallway.

Don't you?

We had a back to school potluck lunch after church yesterday and since it had been a while since we'd stayed for one, we decided to go. I always seem to make the same things for potlucks, a few years ago it was sloppy joes (easy) but the past sweet forever it's been taco soup (also easy) (I have a pattern). I also always make a lemon bundt cake because to me that's the epitome of a potluck dessert. That and the fact lemon bundt cakes remind me of my grandmother.

As we got into the car afterwards I commented to Scott that I really don't know why we go to these things because we pretty much just ate our own food. I did sample a few other things but sadly there was an abundance of beige food and the salads and green vegetables (if there were any to begin with) were almost  gone by the time I went through the lines.

Speaking of Crock Pots, which I realize we weren't, but I assumed you read my mind that my potluck taco soup was made in one, I'm making an effort to use mine more. 

There's just something so satisfying knowing dinner is already cooking before I even have my morning coffee.
Nothing fancy, just a pork roast, but I love that my trusty Crock Pot is working for me while I type this blog post.



Five for Friday & Favorites

01.) This week has been a bit of a blur, at least in the mornings, due to all the back to school bru ha ha, and by bru ha ha I mean setting the alarm and getting up. It's been a bit rough, for both of us. Yesterday I woke Annelise up a little before 7:00, she walked out to the landing at the top of the stairs, we had our usual morning convo (make your bed, get dressed, yada yada) and I went semi-merrily (pre-coffee) on my way to get dressed, make her breakfast and pack her lunch. At 7:20 I called her to come downstairs and I heard a groggy "What?".

She had gone back to bed!

Cue a little extra scurrying and thankfully we were not late to school.

All in all it's been quite nice to get back into a routine and Annelise has had a great first week of 5th grade.

02.) I am so ready for fall, first and foremost for the lower temperatures (like the 70s or 80s) and the rare cool breeze. I love the wonderful smells of fall, pumpkin, apple cider, cinnamon and spices, and the like. Last week Bath and Body Works had an amazing sale on their 3-wick candles, they were 2 for 1 and you got $10 off your total purchase and free shipping,

You mean I could order from the comfort of my family room and avoid the seventh circle of hell, otherwise known as the mall? Sign me up!

I may have temporarily lost my mind.
I tried several of their pumpkin cafe candles (they all smell yummy) but I only ordered one of their Leaves, which in hindsight was a severe mistake since it's now my new favorite.

Do you have a favorite candle?

03.) Scott loves to watch House Hunters on HGTV but I'm kind of over it and refuse to get sucked into having to find out which home they picked in the last two minutes. All three of us have enjoyed watching Jen Hatmaker's My Big Family Renovation these last couple of weeks and hate to see it come to an end.

Anyone want to stalk Buda with me?

We've just recently fallen for Fixer Upper with Joanna & Chip Gaines. Have y'all seen it? I love that they are here in Texas (duh), they are helping families restore older homes in established neighborhoods and I adore Joanna's creative design style.

04.) My hair has been in need of a rescue. Since it's highlighted and colored (though slightly overdue on both) and several different high-heat tools are applied to it regularly, it's a bit on the crispy side.

Cue the angels singing...

I picked this up at Target over the weekend, and once I got over the sticker shock ($29.99--gasp!, but it might be cheaper online), I put it in our buggy (why is a shopping cart called a buggy anyway?). I tried it on my hair and it made it sooooo much softer, silkier and shinier. Annelise also used it and it made her hair a lot softer and her curls more manageable. Also? It smells DEE-vine. I'm going to try and use it at least once a week.

05.) Okay, we got such a kick out of this family's Christmas Jammies video last year we were thrilled to see they made a new one for back to school.


I'm linking up with Andrea again, be sure to pop over there for more Friday fun!

Happy Friday, y'all!


Dear Old Golden School Days

Well, the inevitable has happened.

Our lazy summer came to a screeching halt this week.

The start of fifth grade was upon us.

5th and 6th grade parents and kids had a brief orientation Monday afternoon followed by Meet the Teacher. This year Annelise will switch classes for three educational blocks and also have an elective (band) and regular things like recess, lunch, computer and so forth, so suffice to say there has been some anticipation about these things.

She was thrilled to get the teacher she had hoped for (they all seem wonderful) and see a few familiar names on her class list--along with the absence of a few others (smirk). We first met her homeroom teacher (also science and history) Mrs. Khalil, then worked our way around to meet Mrs. Boyett (language arts) and Mrs. Bouvier (math and bible) in a whirlwind of smiles and head nods and nervous silly comments (usually from me) (I told Mrs. Boyett I felt like we should speak french because two out of three teacher's names sounded that way) (I don't know) (bless).

After all that, a library stop and registering for soccer we retreated to Starbucks for a little liquid courage.

Hot chocolate for her and black coffee for me.
Tuesday morning dawned bright and early, thanks to a rude back to school alarm and was filled with scurrying around fixing breakfast (I'd slacked off on that over the summer) and packing a lunch and taming her hair and talking her down off the ledge about her shorts and then screaming off on two wheels to get to school.

One good thing is her school starts a week before the others in our area so we can get in the groove before having to tackle two school zones on the drive next week.

I was really off my game this year and didn't take any photos with my big camera of our morning like I've always done (hangs head in shame), but did snap a few with my phone.
Annelise had an assigned summer reading over The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (part of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series) and had to write a mini-book report.
She wouldn't let me take any photos of her inside her class, I think since there were already lots of kids already in her room when we got there, so I snapped one outside. She's sitting up at the front. 

Can you believe all of those Vera Bradley backpacks? They are EVERYWHERE. I'm glad we caved and got her one for Christmas because otherwise I know where she would've relentlessly begged to go muy rapido after school yesterday. #spoiled

As we were walking in the building every single girl we saw was wearing either a skirt or a polo type dress and Annelise was about to lose it because she was worried she would be the only girl in the entire school dressed like a boy.

As if.

Thankfully, once we got upstairs there were several girls wearing shorts and Annelise's life could go on.

For the love.
All in all, Annelise had a great first day and declared 5th grade to be FABULOUS, but a little hectic, what with all the switching of classes and such (although I think for her having breaks and movement and variety will be good).

She is also over the moon excited about her very own five star zippered binder.

(I guess it's 2014's version of the Trapper Keeper.)
That doesn't fit in her Vera backpack, but whatever.

She's also excited about her new book covers (not shown) that we had to hit up Office Depot for yesterday after school. I felt really, really old and out of touch because I had no idea book covers are now made of stretchy, colorful fabric. I kept asking her if she needed to bring her books home so we could cover them and she kept looking at me like I was COO COO because I thought I would be buying large rectangles of paper or busting out the brown grocery bags or something and lo and behold, book covers are not what they used to be.
We got to school earlier today and there was only one other student in her room so she gracefully allowed me to take a photo.

It's the little things.


Five for Friday

01.) Using my grandmother's Pyrex bowls from the 1950s always makes me happy. 
So does making cocoa rice krispies. I planned on making them with Trix or Fruity Pebbles for something more colorful and festive but my people ixnayed that.

02.) If it's Thursday that means it's time for Tex-Mex.
We have a few favorite places in our rotation but always seem to end up at San Lorenzo on Thursdays. We are so predictable and always order the same thing, and we like it that way.

03.) I've been doing Chalene Johnson's new PiYo workout for a few weeks, and absolutely love it (I need to do a full post on it soon), but I also feel like I need a bit more cardio.
So today I had a date with Shaun T for T25.
Oh. Emm. Goodness. It was a sweatfest.

04.) School starts next week.

Tuesday to be exact.

We have an orientation and meet the teacher Monday afternoon.

Annelise is mostly excited.

Me too.

05.) With school looming on the horizon what better time to make some melty crayon art? Annelise was beside herself with glee to get started.
She arranged the crayons (from a 64 pack) in a ROYGBIV pattern to her liking on the canvas during my T25 workout then I hot glued them down when I was done (she said she didn't mind my sweat).

We used my crafting heat tool to melt the crayons (you can also use a hair dryer).

It was so cool watching them melt and all the colors run together!
Here's her finished masterpiece.
Not only is it colorful, it was really fun and easy to make.

(Check out our inspiration from Meg at Whatever.)

I'm linking up with Andrea again, be sure to pop over there for more Friday fun!



Miscellany Monday

Friday evening ended up being a little backwards. Or something.

Scott mowed the yard right after he got home which delayed our big plans until later.

Okay, we didn't really have big plans but we (and by we, I mainly mean me) wanted to check out a new to us local restaurant that I'd read about in an article on Wastebook. We like to try new places (sometimes) and we definitely like to support independent mom and pop type places (although we certainly support the big dog chain restaurants too). Several from the list are already among our favorite places but we hadn't heard about Seabrook Waffle Company.

So that was on the agenda for Friday night.
Except we found ourselves facing a slight dilemma, do we eat supper before and risk being too stuffed for dessert waffles or do we eat waffles first?

We played it fast and loose and went for waffles first.

After talking with the girls manning the place (note that clever play on words there) we decided to try their savory waffles, since we hadn't had supper, each ordering something different so we could sample.

I got a Monte Cristo waffle which had ham, swiss cheese, raspberry preserves and bacon, Scott ordered their Blue Pelican which had bacon, peach preserves and gorgonzola and Annelise ordered a waffle with egg and bacon. 

The first few bites of our respective choices were quite tasty, the savory flavors melding nicely with the sweetness of the waffle. Halfway in though we each hit the sweetness overload, what had once been delightful was now making us want to hurl, all of those flavors and all of that sugar was just too much. Don't get me wrong, their waffles are very good, however I could not imagine eating one by myself. We'll probably go there again sometime but when we do we will definitely all three share one dessert style waffle.

Now here's the funny thing, as Scott was eating his waffle, and rapidly remembering that he does not like gorgonzola cheese, he kept staring at the Dairy Queen (the waffle place is located right behind a DQ and we were sitting outside) and started talking about how much he wished he was eating a chili dog instead of that waffle (he was well past his halfway point and on sugar overload). Once we threw our trash away and headed for our car he announced he really wanted DQ, Annelise declared that she did too. We decided not to go to that DQ in case the girls at the waffle place saw us, we didn't want to hurt their feelings, but we did stop at another one and headed home with two chili dogs and one frito pie (I am a sucker for frito pie, and it sounded like the perfect anecdote for sugar rush).

We settled in with our DQ goodies in front of the tv to watch My Big Family Renovation on HGTV (it premiered the night before but too late for us to watch it then--10:00--gasp!). I adore Jen Hatmaker and am excited to watch her family remodel their 100 year old farm house. I also like the fact that this is a tv show we can all three enjoy together!
We assembled blessing bags at Mugs & Muffins (a monthly breakfast and devotional for the ladies at church) Saturday morning. Everyone brought either a personal hygiene type item, individually packaged non-perishable food, bottles of water, socks and small bibles then we just filled them in an assembly line fashion. Now I have two bags ready to share with someone in need, easy peasy!
This was my view for a short while yesterday after church and lunch.
And yes, I may have guilted them into reading before they killed zombies on a video game (Scott) or burned up braincells in Minecraft (Annelise).

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Scott started reading A Prayer for Owen Meany on our cruise back in February, he made quite a lot of progress (!!) but ever since then it's been a like a brutal chore for him to read, even though he likes the story. I don't understand.

Annelise finished reading Hatchet and I ordered sweetly asked her to pick another one to start reading and she came be-bopping downstairs with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Now, I am ALL for her reading Harry Potter (she's read the first three) but it is quite a commitment and I worry she'll lose interest and feel like she might never finish (books 4-7 are huge). We'll see, fingers crossed.

Happy Monday, y'all!


Five for Friday

Let me first state the obvious: it's already August 8th and summer is barely hanging on by a thread.

Time. It marches on.

(As long as it's not marching across my face.)

(At least not too harshly.)

Our internet has been intermittent the last week or so due to unspecified Verizon outages. I say that as a feeble excuse as to why I haven't blogged in a while. I'd get semi inspired to post only to discover we had no internet juice flowing and by the time it came back I'd lost my interest.

You know how it is.

Moving right along with a few randoms...

01.) Last week Annelise had volleyball camp at my old high school. She complained at first and declared she was absolutely NOT going saying she had zero, zilch, nada interest in volleyball.

This was all just a cover for the fact she was worried she'd be the only one that didn't know how to play.


They spent the first few days learning proper form and practicing different skills. She caught on quickly and decided volleyball wasn't so bad after all, and, hey, it might even be teensy bit fun. At the end of the third morning they had a few scrimmages which were fairly painful to watch since most of the serves died a quick death and I was gathering my courage in anticipation of the tournament to cap off the camp the next morning.

Well, after a rocky start her little team dug deep and started getting better and ended up winning two (although she claims it was three) games overall. Whoop!
Camp ended on an even higher note when she was chosen as the most improved player, double whoop!! 

Now that she's done a 180 about volleyball we might check out the local AVA facility so she can keep learning and playing.

02.) Did I forget to tell y'all that Dunkin' Donuts has finally come to our area? And that we were highly excited about it?

I don't know why they've never opened in this part of Texas before, but that wrong has finally been rectified.

It just so happens the new DD is right across the street from the high school, so I'll give you three guesses, and the first two don't count, where we went the second volleyball camp ended.

It was our first time and I will admit my expectations might have been a touch too high.

(This is one of my many character flaws that typically come back to bite me.)

I love no-nonsense coffee with an old-fashioned style doughnut (either sour-cream or chocolate).

Annelise is all about the sprinkles.
They got our order wrong.


I'm hoping that it's just a symptom of being newly opened and having a newly trained staff.

03.) Annelise's school uniforms arrived last week from Land's End and whenever I see the ads for tax-free weekend I am relieved that the majority of her back to school shopping was done with the click of a few keys (we still need to shop for shoes, hold me).

Not that I'd go shopping on tax-free weekend anyway, because, madness.

Annelise is on the borderline of two sizes so I bought everything in the bigger size, my rationale being she would be able to wear things all year, maybe even into next year, since the shorts and pants have adjustable waists.

She thinks I did this to ruin her life. At least her 5th grade life.

04.) Last Saturday my dad bought a boat.
They took it for a test drive.
Annelise thought she was HOT STUFF getting to be captain for a while.
Then they (Scott and my dad) had a lot of trouble getting it back onto its trailer (the style is different from boats my dad had in the past).

Saturday night the boat went back to its owner. 

Cue sadness.

Fast forward to Monday evening...

The boat was once again on my dad's back acre.

(I come by my wishy-washy-ness naturally.)

He decided to get the trailer modified because ultimately, he really liked that boat.

We're supposed to take it on a tester ride this weekend.

Hopefully this saga will have a happy ending.

05.) In case of a lipstick apocalypse I will be prepared.
This stash was split between my bigger purse and my cross body bag, but still...ridiculous. Most of these are in the same color family, pinkish nudes, with a few brighter shades that I end up hardly ever wearing but am always tempted to buy. I also seem to be terrified of chapped lips, what with the five lip balms (three of them tinted) and all.

What can I say?

Nothing cheers a girl up like a new lipstick.

I'm linking up with Andrea at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites, pop over there for more fun!

Happy Friday, y'all!
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