Dear Old Golden School Days

Well, the inevitable has happened.

Our lazy summer came to a screeching halt this week.

The start of fifth grade was upon us.

5th and 6th grade parents and kids had a brief orientation Monday afternoon followed by Meet the Teacher. This year Annelise will switch classes for three educational blocks and also have an elective (band) and regular things like recess, lunch, computer and so forth, so suffice to say there has been some anticipation about these things.

She was thrilled to get the teacher she had hoped for (they all seem wonderful) and see a few familiar names on her class list--along with the absence of a few others (smirk). We first met her homeroom teacher (also science and history) Mrs. Khalil, then worked our way around to meet Mrs. Boyett (language arts) and Mrs. Bouvier (math and bible) in a whirlwind of smiles and head nods and nervous silly comments (usually from me) (I told Mrs. Boyett I felt like we should speak french because two out of three teacher's names sounded that way) (I don't know) (bless).

After all that, a library stop and registering for soccer we retreated to Starbucks for a little liquid courage.

Hot chocolate for her and black coffee for me.
Tuesday morning dawned bright and early, thanks to a rude back to school alarm and was filled with scurrying around fixing breakfast (I'd slacked off on that over the summer) and packing a lunch and taming her hair and talking her down off the ledge about her shorts and then screaming off on two wheels to get to school.

One good thing is her school starts a week before the others in our area so we can get in the groove before having to tackle two school zones on the drive next week.

I was really off my game this year and didn't take any photos with my big camera of our morning like I've always done (hangs head in shame), but did snap a few with my phone.
Annelise had an assigned summer reading over The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (part of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series) and had to write a mini-book report.
She wouldn't let me take any photos of her inside her class, I think since there were already lots of kids already in her room when we got there, so I snapped one outside. She's sitting up at the front. 

Can you believe all of those Vera Bradley backpacks? They are EVERYWHERE. I'm glad we caved and got her one for Christmas because otherwise I know where she would've relentlessly begged to go muy rapido after school yesterday. #spoiled

As we were walking in the building every single girl we saw was wearing either a skirt or a polo type dress and Annelise was about to lose it because she was worried she would be the only girl in the entire school dressed like a boy.

As if.

Thankfully, once we got upstairs there were several girls wearing shorts and Annelise's life could go on.

For the love.
All in all, Annelise had a great first day and declared 5th grade to be FABULOUS, but a little hectic, what with all the switching of classes and such (although I think for her having breaks and movement and variety will be good).

She is also over the moon excited about her very own five star zippered binder.

(I guess it's 2014's version of the Trapper Keeper.)
That doesn't fit in her Vera backpack, but whatever.

She's also excited about her new book covers (not shown) that we had to hit up Office Depot for yesterday after school. I felt really, really old and out of touch because I had no idea book covers are now made of stretchy, colorful fabric. I kept asking her if she needed to bring her books home so we could cover them and she kept looking at me like I was COO COO because I thought I would be buying large rectangles of paper or busting out the brown grocery bags or something and lo and behold, book covers are not what they used to be.
We got to school earlier today and there was only one other student in her room so she gracefully allowed me to take a photo.

It's the little things.


  1. Oh my gosh, I am gonna need a crash course in "cool" before my son goes to kindergarten next year! Stretchy fabric book covers?? I've never heard of such a thing. And look at all those Vera bags! I thought they were only cool for the 30+ crowd!

  2. Yeah, those fabric book covers were a shock to me. I guess paper ones are still available but these seem easier for the kids to put on and they stay on better. Vera has taken over in the elementary, middle and high schools--at least here in Texas. The good thing is they last for a long time!


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