What I Wore Wednesday


It's been a sweet forever since I've done a What I Wore post.

I don't know what came over me this week but I decided it was time for one.

You're ever so welcome.
top: free people, nordstrom (sale)

denim shorts: lucky brand, zappos

birkenstocks: zappos
(I never thought I'd be a Birk girl, but apparently I am, at least this gizeh t-stap style, soooo comfy and no plantar fasciatis flare ups.)

I don't know what is so fascinating on the ground (flagstone? my feet?) or off to the side (a tree actually) but those seem to be my go-to pose, it feels less awkward for some reason. 
earrings: gorjana, nordstrom

necklace: twisted silver

leather cuff: farmgirl paints
dress: loft

denim jacket: nordstrom

patent nude flats: vince camuto, nordstrom

earrings & necklace: kendra scott

watch: michael kors
slouchy tee: free people, nordstrom

jeans: zappos

camo toms: nordstrom

earrings & necklace: twisted silver

The front semi-tuck looks awkward, hmmm.
denim shirt: j. crew factory

white boyfriend jeans: loft

patent nude flats: nordstrom

green belt: j. crew factory 

necklace: kendra scott, neiman marcus last call

earrings: gorjana, nordstrom

leather cuff: farmgirl paints

watch: michael kors
Please ignore my roots, I am.

I think (and I hope) this outfit was more flattering in person than the photo might show. The jeans are distressed and really comfortable, but maybe I should have just worn the shirt untucked or used a different color belt.

I wear my nude flats all the time, they are the perfect shoe because they're neutral, go with everything, and the patent can be dressy or casual. Plus they're really comfortable.

I'm linking up with Get Your Pretty On , Because Shanna Said So & The Pleated Poppy, be sure to pop over there for oodles more fashion inspiration!
pleated poppy
Happy Wednesday, my fellow fashionistas!


  1. So glad you decided to do an outfit post again! My favorite is the striped dress with jean jacket. Love that look! And please....let's talk about roots for a second...mine are straight scary! Your hair looks fantastic.

    1. Thanks Ashley! I really need to get my hairs fixed soon though! :)

  2. Seriously, Free People, Lucky brand & Birks are all I would live in if I could afford it!! Nordstrom Rack helps that obsession a little bit...and I really love love love that Kendra Scott pendant in the last outfit!! 💚💚💚
    My roots will be disappearing next Tuesday @ 9:15 am!

    1. I love Free People but definitely have to wait for sales too.

      Hair appointments are are happy, happy thing! :)


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