A Sleepover Party (Minus Most of the Sleep)

This weekend was greeted with much anticipation.

And with coffee (for me).

We celebrated Annelise's birthday (again) with a slumber party Friday night. Do they still call them that? Okay, sleepover. Whichever. She invited four girls from school and three were able to come, which made a total of four tween-y girls taking over our house for approximately 15 hours.

Oy vey!

She didn't have a *theme*, just a few favorite colors, so we kept things simple with the decor.
Of course, with me being me, I decided I absolutely had to make a fabric garland the night before, because I am timely like that. 
I think it turned out cute. In fact, I really don't plan on taking it down any time soon. 

(Better yet, I think I absolutely need to make one for fall.)
I even had enough strips left over to make a flouff for the light fixture.
The lanterns were a bit iffy, I didn't really know where to hang them, so there they stayed, well, except for the handful of times they fell down because they were expertly hung in front of an air vent.

I covered the table with a plastic table cloth and then used a roll of wrapping paper as a runner to add a bit of pizazz down the middle. We used our Fiesta dishes instead of paper goods, because Fiesta is always a good idea.
This was our first time to host a sleepover (ack!), so I was kind of winging it to the best of my limited ability. We planned a few activities and had a loose schedule and kept our fingers crossed.

One of the activities was decorating pillowcases, so I had everything for that bundled up in a cute wire basket (picked up on our recent girls' trip, stay tuned for that).
After the girls arrived and played for a bit we gathered them in for pizza, which served as the ideal time for Annelise to open her presents because they were sitting right. there. on the dining room table and she couldn't wait a minute longer. Her sweet friends spoiled her with gift cards and fun treats from Justice. She was over the moon excited, of course.
After pizza they started in on decorating their pillowcases while jamming to some tunes. Everything started out smoothly with the markers and stencils.
Then they broke out the slick paint, which in my mind (ha!) would be used for outlining their stencil creations. And they did some of that.

Then one free spirit decided to try her hand(s) at fingerpainting resist and another little free spirit followed in her footsteps, er, handprints and their pillowcases quickly took on an abstract flair.

It was fine, no major messes or anything, it just wasn't turning out how I imagined it, but that's okay. Annelise lost interest in hers about 1/4 of the way, her plan of making rainbow bursts at all four corners with the goal of them meeting in the middle was quickly abandoned. Another little girl pluckily finished her creation amidst all of the silliness surrounding her.

After we cleaned up and washed hands (some hand washing took much more effort than others, ahem) we played a version of Toss and Talk with a beach ball that I had written different questions and challenges on. They seemed to like that game, based on their giggles, but it went faster than I had thought.

The last planned activity was Spin the Bottle with nail polish, which they only semi-liked. What?
By 9:00 all of our planned activities were a memory but they managed to busy themselves upstairs with lots of Nerf battles. And such.

Scott kept asking if it was normal for there to be so much noise from only four girls.

I think so.

Later, they made their own ice cream sundaes and watched a movie, Despicable Me 2, except they didn't really ever settle down to watch it. After the ice cream there was a brief drama resulting from unrepentant Nerf shooting and a bit of pairing off (I didn't think that was supposed to happen with an even number!) followed by tears (only from my daughter, thank goodness). Thankfully the drama was short lived and soon all four were back together up to something else.

A big bowl of popcorn can cure most ills.

Around 11:30 I went up to give the 30 minute warning (ha!) and found myself scooting around on my knees picking up popcorn off the bedroom floor while they prepped themselves for an upcoming music video recording (they had a backdrop and everything).

A little after midnight I went back up to get them to lay their sleeping bags out and settle down for the night. I don't know how sleepovers usually go, since this was our first, but I felt obligated to at least remind them to brush their teeth and lie down. Earlier, one of the girls had taken a shower but the other three, mine included, ignored my mention of that activity (I even set our extra towels and washcloths!). I hope their parents didn't expect them to, you know, bathe, I mean, I did try, but I felt like I was fighting a losing battle, so one out of four isn't too bad I guess.

Just so you know, I never really slept that night.

And three out of four girls barely did either (the responsible one that took a shower and brushed her teeth actually slept all night--no it was not my daughter).

My mind kept swirling with crazy thoughts and worries that someone would get sick in the middle of the night or I'd wake up to find one of the girls by my bed holding a knife. After a while things got quiet upstairs (yay!) but then around 3:30 I woke up (I guess I had dozed off in between neurotic musings) to voices and stealthy movements above me.

I busted three out of the four (guess which ones) on their iPads/iPods playing Minecraft. Call me Lame Mom but I forcefully whispered that all i-things had to be off and they had to get some sleep. 

I know, I am no fun. But at almost 4:00 in the morning I'm kind of done.
Saturday morning the girls enjoyed a breakfast of pigs in blanket and their pick of sugar-y cereal and then it was time to pack up and be picked up.

Annelise declared it the best sleepover birthday party ever.

I'm glad.

I'm still recovering.

*Do you try to make kids bathe/brush/sleep at a sleepover?*
*Loose schedule, strict schedule or free for all?*
*How do you avoid girl drama?*
*Any tips for future sleepovers?*



Hair Matters

Last Wednesday was a really good day.

If for no other reason than I was finally getting my color and highlights updated.

My last hair fix was waaaayyyy back in June, like, the start of summer.

I had mile long roots of dull swamp water brown with plenty sprouts of grey.

Nice. Is what I'm saying.

Thankfully, my hair lady is a miracle worker.
And you know I had to take an annoying car selfie to document her mad color and round brush skills.
And I'm sure Carly Simon's famous song is playing somewhere in the background.

Oh well.

Now call me lazy or call me a genius, or maybe both, but my plan was to make this blow-out last for as long as possible.  Not having to fully fix my hair saves me a crazy amount of time, and since I was headed out for a girls' weekend (more on that soon) I really didn't want to fiddle with my hair.

Cue my BFF, dry shampoo.

Here are my three faves, all drugstore brand.
My favorite is probably the Batiste, I really like its coverage but I switch it up with the Clean Freak and on the rare occasion, the Suave.

I spray the roots of my hair along my face, underneath at my neck and sometimes a little at the crown if needed, let it sit for a few minutes then brush it through or use my blow dryer to fluff it all up. Then I touch things up with either my flat iron or curling wand depending how I'm wearing my hair.

I was able to stretch my salon hair all through the weekend and Monday.

Although I did resort to a trucker cap on Monday.

A girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do, right?
My salon streak finally came to an end last night, that's right, I shampooed.

Almost six days.

That's either awesome or gross.

Or maybe both.

I'm okay with that.



What I Wore

Only three outfits to share this week, two of which are semi-repeats.

I love the ease of throwing on a basic white tee or top and changing up my accessories a little.

Obviously, since I wore a similar version of this last week.

white sweatshirt tee : loft (lou & grey sale) // boyfriend jeans : big star, zappos (sale)
leopard flats : sam edelman, nordstrom // necklace : kendra scott // earrings : gorjana, nordstrom
watch : michael kors

Annelise and I were semi-twinkies at church in our maxi skirts/dresses and denim jackets. We love them.
my dress : stein mart // denim jacket : nordtsrom // wedges : kork-ease, zappos
necklace : kendra scott, last call // hoop earrings : gorjana, nordstrom

her outfit is all from target & payless

Yeah, I wore this top a couple of weeks ago, but I love it.
top : free people, nordstrom (sale) // distressed boyfriend jeans : gap (sale) // nude flats : nordstrom
leather cuff : farmgirl paints // watch : michael kors
layered engravable necklaces : stella and dot
chain necklace & earrings : twisted silver
I know, I know, it's kind of a lot of jewelry happening, but I really like the layered look, mixed metals and dainty pieces mixed with heavier ones to jazz up a simple outfit.

I'm linking up with The Pleated PoppyBecause Shanna Said So and Get Your Pretty On again this week, be sure to pop over there for tons of fashion inspiration.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!



We celebrated Annelise's 11th birthday last Thursday, pretty much all day.

As you do.
Before school she got to open a present, a new pair of earrings. They're little dangly butterflies, which she loves, but something about wearing slightly larger earrings than she usually did (she always wears the same silver heart studs) made her look so much older.


But what can you do? Time keeps on ticking and birthdays keep on coming.

She also got to wear her new red Chucks, which she was thrilled to do after having to wait since the Friday before when we bought them (I am so mean, I know).
A few hours later I brought lunch to the birthday girl. Yum!

Then she passed out mini cupcakes to fifth grade (the rest aren't pictured). Normally we'd just share with her class but since she has friends in other classes and all of fifth grade eats together we decided to go big or go home.

As you do.
After school she had dance, which she wanted to skip because it was her birthday (???), but I wouldn't let her (I know, I'm so mean). After that we went to one of our favorite Tex-Mex places (really, are you surprised?) (but really it was her pick) for fajitas. 

My dad and Peggy came over after supper for cake and presents. In something of a whirlwind (really, are you surprised?) she opened her gifts in approximately three minutes flat. Or less. (Well, she had been waiting ALL day, what's a girl to do?)

Pappo and grandma gave her a hot pink plush blanket, which is her love language, and a fishing pole, because, every girl needs one of those. Aunt Jerry sent her a lovely sentimental gift, an old-fashioned fountain pen that uses ink in a jar (???) that her grandmother had given her when she turned 11 and that her grandmother had gotten herself in 1897. That's so cool! We need to get some ink so she can try writing with it. We gave her a James Avery charm bracelet with two charms, the letter "A" and a soccer ball to get her started. She loves it! We also gave her something in her other love language, clothes, a maxi skirt and tanks to mix and match.

Every year she gets to pick her birthday cake and this year she surprised me by asking for a lemon bundt cake.

Well, okie dokie.
Y'all can just go ahead and slap me because I didn't take any photos of the present opening or the cake enjoying or any family shots, that makes me sad but at least I snapped a few throughout the day with my phone (my DSLR is crying).

It had been a few years (okay, maybe more than a few, hush) since she had birthday party with friends and last year we went to the Big Apple on her birthday (can we go again, puh-leazze?), so this year is going to be a party year.

Just a few weeks later than her actual birthday. Whatever.

(Takes deep breath)

She's having a sleepover birthday party, nothing huge and crazy, because Mama don't play that way, but she's inviting four friends from school (for a potential total of five girls, that's manageable, right?). Yesterday I made the invitations, just a simple washi tape bunting, because washi tape makes me happy (the party info is on printed on the inside).
They went in the mail yesterday too, so I guess there's no turning back now.

It'll be our first time hosting a sleepover.

(Takes another deep breath.)

I can do this, right?



What I Wore

Here's a quick peek at my outfits from the last week...

They're all variations on the same thing, casual comfort.

That's just how I roll.
white t : loft (sale) // boyfriend jeans : big star, zappos (sale) // nude flats : nordstrom // 
necklace : twisted silver
leather cuff : farmgirl paints // watch : michael kors 
fringe earrings : noonday

After hemming and hawing and drooling for over a year on different Noonday accessories I recently pulled the trigger and ordered two pairs of earrings and two necklaces. I guess I was pushed over the edge after watching Jen Hatmaker sport several different pairs of big earrings while renovating their farmhouse and loved how they added an instant WOW factor to her simple outfits. Statement pieces are my jam, man.

And helping empower women around the world? Even better.
sequin t : kikilarue // shorts : loft // birks : zappos // leather cuff : farmgirl paints 
silver hoops : kendra scott (sale) // white watch : //michael kors (sale)
slouchy t : free people (sale), nordstrom // denim shorts : lucky brand, zappos (sale)
earrings : gorjana, nordstrom // watch : michael kors // jesus sandals, online shop

Yes, I got a little infatuated with a side ponytail this week and wore it two days in a row.
I'm also infatuated by the ground.
white top : stitch fix // grey maxi skirt : nordstrom (sale) // platform wedges : kork-ease, zappos (sale)
leather cuff : farm girl paints // watch : michael kors
bib necklace : noonday (sale)
I mentioned in my last post about how I had purged my closet again and was intrigued by the minimalist capsule wardrobe concept. While I don't know if I'm ready for that challenge yet , I do think I need to be content with what I already have.

In an effort to practice said contentment (did I really say that?) I am challenging myself to wear what I have, mix and match, re-wear, try new combinations and have fun with my accessories.

That also means no shopping during September, maybe longer.

(Did I really just say that?)

I think I can, I think I can...

Let's see what happens.

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy, Because Shana Said So and Get Your Pretty On, be sure to pop over there for tons of fashion-y ideas!
pleated poppy


Miscellany Monday

First things first, Happy Labor Day, y'all. Do people say that? I don't know. I just felt like it should be acknowledged. We don't have any plans, it's just nice to have my people around for an extra day off from school and work.

Annelise now has two weeks of fifth grade under her belt and seems to have settled in to all of the new fairly well. She really likes changing classes (even though it's only for three blocks) because it breaks her day up, there's movement and more variety. 
This year her elective is band and she's learning to play the trumpet.

So far everything sounds an awful lot like variations on a fart (excuse me), but I have high hopes things will improve soon.

A fairly big drama these last two weeks has revolved around PE and the fact fifth graders change out and use lockers. They spent the first week practicing opening their lockers and Annelise was convinced she would never get hers to open and she'd be doomed to carrying her stinky PE clothes around with her every day.

After a bit more practice she got the hang of it and PE has gone much more smoothly, even the dressing out (Mom, you can't change in the bathroom stalls! You have to change out in the open!) is not as big of a deal as she had feared. Small victories!
Annelise makes a batch of air popped popcorn almost every day after school, it's her favorite snack.

I think it's Sadie's too.
I worked a little on purging my clothes (again) last week and ended up with a big trash bag of clothes and shoes, a bag of scarves and a bag of jewelry ready for Goodwill, which felt good.
I've been intrigued by the concept of creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe, where you rotate through a set amount of clothes, say 30-40 pieces each season and that's it. No shopping (!!) just mix and match and wear what you have (with cute accessories of course).

I'm no where near this--yet--if ever--but I think the idea is really smart. Maybe I'll take baby steps toward more minimalism (it's good to have goals).

Scott was off Friday (three cheers for a four day weekend!) so we went on a breakfast date at our favorite place, The Egg and I, after taking Annelise to school.
He got his usual, Viva La France, preferably ordered with a French accent, but I actually ordered something different (although I've had it once before), an egg white omelet with chicken, green chiles, avocado and salsa. Yum-ola!

The BIG news of the weekend though was that Annelise went to her first sleepover with friends Saturday afternoon.

Yes, I know she's almost 11, hush.

It was for a friend from school's birthday and of course Annelise was over the moon with excitement.

I was trying not to have an anxiety attack.
She had a blast, of course, and now wants to host a sleepover for her upcoming birthday.

Of course.

Hold me.
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