Hair Matters

Last Wednesday was a really good day.

If for no other reason than I was finally getting my color and highlights updated.

My last hair fix was waaaayyyy back in June, like, the start of summer.

I had mile long roots of dull swamp water brown with plenty sprouts of grey.

Nice. Is what I'm saying.

Thankfully, my hair lady is a miracle worker.
And you know I had to take an annoying car selfie to document her mad color and round brush skills.
And I'm sure Carly Simon's famous song is playing somewhere in the background.

Oh well.

Now call me lazy or call me a genius, or maybe both, but my plan was to make this blow-out last for as long as possible.  Not having to fully fix my hair saves me a crazy amount of time, and since I was headed out for a girls' weekend (more on that soon) I really didn't want to fiddle with my hair.

Cue my BFF, dry shampoo.

Here are my three faves, all drugstore brand.
My favorite is probably the Batiste, I really like its coverage but I switch it up with the Clean Freak and on the rare occasion, the Suave.

I spray the roots of my hair along my face, underneath at my neck and sometimes a little at the crown if needed, let it sit for a few minutes then brush it through or use my blow dryer to fluff it all up. Then I touch things up with either my flat iron or curling wand depending how I'm wearing my hair.

I was able to stretch my salon hair all through the weekend and Monday.

Although I did resort to a trucker cap on Monday.

A girl's gotta do what a girls' gotta do, right?
My salon streak finally came to an end last night, that's right, I shampooed.

Almost six days.

That's either awesome or gross.

Or maybe both.

I'm okay with that.



  1. The highlights look great! I need to try the dry shampoo. It takes so long to blow dry and flat iron my hair...it would be great to save some time in the morning!

    1. Thanks Kimberly! The dry shampoos are time savers for sure, I'm hooked!

  2. That's definitely on the awesome side!

    1. Anything to save time (lazy) and make that salon day last. :)

  3. I have tried several dry shampoo none works well for me! BTW highlight looks great!!! :)


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