Miscellany Monday

First things first, Happy Labor Day, y'all. Do people say that? I don't know. I just felt like it should be acknowledged. We don't have any plans, it's just nice to have my people around for an extra day off from school and work.

Annelise now has two weeks of fifth grade under her belt and seems to have settled in to all of the new fairly well. She really likes changing classes (even though it's only for three blocks) because it breaks her day up, there's movement and more variety. 
This year her elective is band and she's learning to play the trumpet.

So far everything sounds an awful lot like variations on a fart (excuse me), but I have high hopes things will improve soon.

A fairly big drama these last two weeks has revolved around PE and the fact fifth graders change out and use lockers. They spent the first week practicing opening their lockers and Annelise was convinced she would never get hers to open and she'd be doomed to carrying her stinky PE clothes around with her every day.

After a bit more practice she got the hang of it and PE has gone much more smoothly, even the dressing out (Mom, you can't change in the bathroom stalls! You have to change out in the open!) is not as big of a deal as she had feared. Small victories!
Annelise makes a batch of air popped popcorn almost every day after school, it's her favorite snack.

I think it's Sadie's too.
I worked a little on purging my clothes (again) last week and ended up with a big trash bag of clothes and shoes, a bag of scarves and a bag of jewelry ready for Goodwill, which felt good.
I've been intrigued by the concept of creating a minimalist capsule wardrobe, where you rotate through a set amount of clothes, say 30-40 pieces each season and that's it. No shopping (!!) just mix and match and wear what you have (with cute accessories of course).

I'm no where near this--yet--if ever--but I think the idea is really smart. Maybe I'll take baby steps toward more minimalism (it's good to have goals).

Scott was off Friday (three cheers for a four day weekend!) so we went on a breakfast date at our favorite place, The Egg and I, after taking Annelise to school.
He got his usual, Viva La France, preferably ordered with a French accent, but I actually ordered something different (although I've had it once before), an egg white omelet with chicken, green chiles, avocado and salsa. Yum-ola!

The BIG news of the weekend though was that Annelise went to her first sleepover with friends Saturday afternoon.

Yes, I know she's almost 11, hush.

It was for a friend from school's birthday and of course Annelise was over the moon with excitement.

I was trying not to have an anxiety attack.
She had a blast, of course, and now wants to host a sleepover for her upcoming birthday.

Of course.

Hold me.


  1. Wow, changing for PE in 5th grade seems early and possibly traumatic, I'm glad it's no big deal for her!

    1. I was surprised they were starting so early too, but so far so good--no major trauma. :)

  2. Variations on a fart... ha ha ha!! Makes me think back to when I first started playing the flute. I used to drive my mom nuts! She would start vacuuming just to drown the sound out! It will definitely get better though!

    1. Thanks! She hasn't brought it home this week but has said they are actually learning a few notes now.

  3. Laughing at the trumpet description! I know what you mean about sleepover birthday party anxiety! Now that ours is in the past, I actually am kinda glad we had one. He's still talking about how "epic" it was, and seems appeased with knowing that this mom can't handle another one of those. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping if we keep it small, like invite only three or four girls things might be more manageable--fingers crossed! I'm nervous because it'll be our first time out of the sleepover gate.


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