Lately. Ish.


(She says as she blows dust off her long neglected blog.)

It's been far too long since my last post, like, almost a month. What? That's seriously poor bloggy behavior on my part for sure.

Not that I've been insanely busy with all of the life-y things or anything, just lacking motivation I guess (cue playing of 1D Story of My Life).

(Jumps into the random feet first.)

Last Friday was a school holiday (teacher inservice or something) so Annelise and I celebrated with sleeping in until 8:00 ish (for her) and then breakfast out at our favorite place, The Egg and I. She got eggs, bacon and toast and I got an the Vera Cruz (egg white omelet with chicken, green chiles and cheese) (I'm taking a break from the Athena scramble (eggs, asparagus, mushrooms and feta, just fyi).
She was all excited about the toast and jam, which I didn't really understand. I mean, yes, jam is the jam, but I'd much rather have an english muffin than plain toast. So I did.

Two weekends ago we had the privilege of witnessing a precious young (!!) couple start their lives together. Everything was delightful, from the lovely ceremony to the reception filled with so many personal details and beautiful touches.

Plus I got to hang out with my favorite girlies.
And the dudes and the kids had a great time too.

I know this probably sounds weird but this was Annelise's first wedding to witness. Most everyone in my family is already married or only my dad (as an uncle) gets invited (cousins don't always make the cut) and there haven't been that many weddings happening locally for friends from church, at least that we've been invited to.

Now we sound like social outcasts.

We really aren't.

So anyway, Annelise was highly excited to attend her first wedding and was totally soaking up all the details (filing certain things away I'm sure for later reference). She was also excited to get to pick out a new dress and she let me curl her hair (which by this photo had faded into loose waves).
Who would guess just a mere two hours prior she looked like this?
That's right, it's soccer season again! 

This year (so far) she's been playing goalie, for half of the game and then forward (or something, I'm never quite sure of the positions) for the second half.  She likes playing goalie, although she does feel like it's a lot of pressure (she says) but she also likes running, so this way she gets a bit of both. Her team is getting stronger and their skills are improving, but they've had a rocky start and only one win so far. Whatever. Several of the kids have been playing together for a few years now so they know each others strengths and work together pretty well as a team.

But back to her hair.

We, and I say we because her hair takes a village, have been trying different hair styles this year. Last year she was all ponytail pretty much all the time but this year she has more of a rotation. The most involved (read: sweat inducing for me) is wearing her hair straight. It requires blow drying, flat-ironing, products galore and patience (for both of us).

But the end result is nice.
At least for a short while before the humidity and P.E. kills it.

Other days she'll wear it down and naturally curly (not pictured). There is a fine line though between her natural curls enhanced with styling products and frizz (think Rosanne Rosannadanna) and sometimes that line is blurred.

For the wedding she let me curl it with my 1 1/4" curling iron which helped smooth out her hair and gave her loose waves, yet it wasn't as hard to do as flat-ironing.

Apparently ALL the girls in 5th grade (actually about four in her class) are wearing scarves with their uniforms, which I don't really understand but am yet still supporting by loaning her a few from my stash. She's hoping to start a bun trend in 5th grade too, but I don't think it's really catching on yet.
So far she's sported grey stripes, green and white stripes, blue with white polka dots and let's not forget, owls.

I even broke down and ordered her a navy chevron infinity scarf--monogrammed with her initials in hot pink (surprise!) no less--from an etsy shop. She's already worn it twice and it just arrived last week, so I'd say it's a hit.

I fully support her addiction.

After all, our ability to accessorize is the only thing that separates us from the animals.

And in closing I leave you with two final thoughts...
Annelise and I like big buns (and big sunglasses) and cannot lie.
Apparently Scott and I like to dress alike when we go out on lunch dates.


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