Of Nerds and Pneumonia. And Such.

With only one, count it, one singular, blog post for the entire month of October, we'll just call it a dud and move on to November, m'mkay?

(The month itself wasn't necessarily a dud but in terms of blogging, yes.)

The end of October was something of a crash and burn, read: major dud. Scott went on a short business trip to Rio de Janeiro (yes, as in Brazil) (I know!) and Annelise and I had all these plans (okay, not really, but a few, including a school BBQ where she was excited to play the trumpet on stage and Trunk or Treat at church) so of course she got sick with a fever and congestion/cough.

No improvement along with a fever spike found us here Tuesday afternoon.
Where we soon discovered she had pneumonia.

I know!

Even though the fever eventually left the building her cough and general malaise lingered the rest of the week. So no school, no Trunk or Treat (our church was hosting one on Wednesday night) and no regular trick or treating later.

Believe me, there was a lot of her channeling her inner Sally.
The only Halloween-y thing we did was watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and buy our own candy (and of course eat it).

Thank goodness she got to celebrate and wear her costume (and I use that term loosely) early. A friend from her soccer team invited her to a Halloween party the Saturday before she got sick so at least she did get to do something festive.

(She still feels cheated. And no amount of Reese's peanut butter cups are managing to appease her.)

Here she is in all of her brief nerd glory.
We found the shirt and suspenders at a local thrift shop and the glasses at the Dollar Tree so at least there wasn't too much $$ invested in Dud Halloween 2014.

When Annelise was not on the couch or recliner last week (we've discovered a new show on Netflix to binge on, Heartland, it's a sweet family show about two sisters and their family's horse ranch) she occupied herself with some school work, legos and a newly rediscovered old favorite, Perler beads (you know, those annoying melty beads that end up everywhere).

We also killed some time binging on the awesomeness known as OK Go videos.

(Remember their cool treadmill one from a few years back?)

(And this one might be my all time favorite because it reminds me of the game Mousetrap, but this is more like Mousetrap on crack.)

They are ridiculously creative.

Sidenote: Do y'all adore the new(ish) Rob Lowe commercials for Direct TV? I can't decide which one is my favorite.

Maybe this one. (I also like how each one ends with the theme from St. Elmo's Fire, because 80s.)

(I promise I didn't intend to go so YouTube manic when I started this post.)

I'll leave you with a completely random family photo from a couple of weeks ago.
Because we like Sonic.

And aviators.

Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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