Christmas Wrap Up 2014

I have quite possibly been the most ambivalent about Christmas this year as I've ever been, although I can't say with certainty as to why. Maybe because Thanksgiving was later and then BOOM here comes the Christmas snowball and I was not prepared.

Not that I ever am.

Scott hung the icicle lights on the house right after Thanksgiving, so the outside of out house was semi-festive, but the inside was oh-so-not (other than the holiday  dishtowels on the oven and changing out my subway art frame). We didn't get our tree until December 13th, which is rather pitiful.

After a long standing tradition of choosing Frasier Firs we switched things up for 2014 and got a Noble Fir, (what?) which we (I) named Norville. He stood naked for a while in the corner before lights and then eventually decor. Norville was a good sport about our general lack of elf-ittude.

(We did watch Elf though.)
In random but still holiday related news, the Girls and I, along with several ladies from church enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Mugs & Muffins brunch at the lovely home of one of our elders. It was perfectly delightful, as always!

Along with our decorating procrastination we also did our traditional loser late Christmas card photo session. Again, I was lacking motivation and felt like we threw together barely coordinated outfits and highly un-creative poses, as we were scrambling to get something before the sun set.

We took a selfie to document the fact that we managed to not kill each other during the grueling photo session.

We then we retreated to Starbucks for treats, as per our tradition.
Annelise got her first ever frappuccino, java chip, needless to say, color her hooked.
One thing that I did manage to get together early (what?) were gifts for Annelise's three main teachers, Starbucks gift card in a to-go cup with holiday kisses and a scarf. Her PE, band and computer teachers got Mrs. Meyer's soap and peppermint bark, which is useful and tasty. We did the same thing for her dance teachers (we don't usually, not sure why this year was different) and put together a little gift for her dance class gift swap (lip balm, nail polish, socks and candy--hopefully the girl that got it liked it, you never really know).
The Girls and I got together for Pink Christmas, the Painting Version, which was fun.  We had planned to eat dinner first at a local steakhouse but did not count on needing reservations (whoops), so we ended up eating pho at a Vietnamese place which was really out of the norm for us but quite yummy just the same.

We painted these monogrammed ornaments which was fun but way more stressful than I anticipated, what with all the straight chevron lines to you know, not smudge up and all.
But they turned out super cute.

From a distance at least.

Christmas day was low key, as per always. Since my dad was (is) still recovering from his surgery we went down there after opening a few presents at our house. Peggy cooked a big country breakfast and I added bubble bread so we feasted and opened more gifts.

Annelise got a new bike and so did I (what?), which is fun. Hers is a black mountain style bike with a touch of pink and mine is a purple retro style. I predict much biking in out future.

(There are no photos from Christmas Day because I am currently too lazy to whittle through them and upload them, my apologies).

She also got purple Beats headphones from us which sent her directly over the moon, so, yay.

Peggy's son and his family came over for a short visit that afternoon, Annelise loved getting to see Cole and Colin, even for just a few hours.
We spent the rest of the day snacking, chatting and doing a whole lot of nothing.

Which is always a favorite.

And that is a WRAP on our Christmas 2014.

I hope yours was blessed and joyful!

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