Miscellany Monday (The Turkey Edition)

Hello December.


This morning's alarm was rather rude after a week of not having to set one and re-entry into the morning get-ready-for-school-shuffle was a tad rough. But we made it, in fact we were a little early, go us.

Last week was mostly an exercise in laziness punctuated with occasional spurts of activity followed up with more laziness and slothdom. I met The Girls one night for coffee and chit chat and laughter, which was delightful of course, Annelise had a sleepover with Pappo and grandma one night and most of the other days were a hazy blur of nothingness.

Except for Thanksgiving.

My dad and Peggy hosted 20 people (if you count the one currently gestating, which we did) for a Thanksgiving feast. There was way too much food and no vegetable was allowed unless it was coated in cheese or sauce, except for my Big Salad, which has kind of become my thing to bring for every family gathering, usually by request, which is fine, but only a few people really bother eating it because there's always too much other competition from all the beige comfort food, which I totally understand.

After the first round of feasting, during a break in one of the football games, we gathered outside for group photos. 
Daddy and Peggy's dear friends, Jack and Penny (front chair on the left below) spent the day with us too which was nice. Sidenote: They brought a fried turkey which was slap your mama delicious, I'd never had fried turkey before, I might be a convert.

There were also two doggie guests, Snuggles, the teacup Yorkie and Jojo the boxer.
Annelise had a BLAST (as per always) playing basketball, football and hide and seek with Colin, Cole and Cadence. Some of the big guys played basketball too in between their football viewing and naps. The outdoor fun didn't stop until way after dark when we confiscated the flashlights and shut it down due to the cold and the fact some of them had to go home (boo hoo).

We did not, I repeat did not, do any Black Friday shopping.

Not that this is anything new, we've never gone Black Friday shopping because I am not down with that kind of crazy.

I am however down with online shopping in my jammies with a cup of coffee beside me.

Yesterday after church and lunch we did something a little outside of our norm.

We went to see two movies back to back.

I know, we are WILD.

We started out with Big Hero 6, which we all three LOVED and were surprised by how much we loved it since we didn't really know that much about it going in. After that we walked directly over to the ticket machine (we love the ticket machine and hardly ever use the ticket windows) to get three tickets for Mockingjay.

Over the last several months Annelise and I have watched the other two Hunger Games movies on Netflix so she was anxiously awaiting this next installment. I'm not crazy about them milking the last book into two movies, I mean I know a lot happens but I still feel like they're just trying to capitalize on the HG mania and make more money with two movies. But whatever.

We liked it. I probably like the first two better but I kind of expected that going in because Mockingjay in general is just a darker story (yes, darker than teens killing each other in a televised competition) what with the rebellion and all.

We don't usually get popcorn or candy at the movies because I'm a smuggler but we didn't smuggle anything in this time so we all shared a big popcorn and got drinks for eleventy billion dollars. We noticed several people going out with empty buckets and coming back with filled ones and then finally saw the Free Refill note on our bucket. No we did not NEED a refill, a refill was not healthy, but we got one anyway just to stick it to the Man a little.

Subversive popcorn refilling. It's a thing.

We didn't eat it all either.

In other news, Scott finished putting up our Christmas lights over the weekend. We still do icicle lights like it's 1999, but whatever. That's our only nod to Christmas so far. We need to shop for a tree but I refuse to do that until we have colder weather again, because sweating while picking out a Christmas tree sucks my Christmas spirit out faster than you can say The Grinch.

Note to self: Now that the Chrismas lights are twinkling around our house we might should move the scarecrow by the front door back to the garage muy pronto.

Timely. Is what we are.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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