After seeing the shamefully low (55 posts might seem like a lot to some, barely anything to others, but when compared to the previous years it made me sad) number of total blog posts for 2014, I had big plans of blogging more in 2015.

I've missed using this space somewhat regularly as a journal for my thoughts and our life happenings, along with occasional fashion/lifestyle and exercise tidbits here and there.

I figured the dawn of a new year was the perfect time to recommit to blogging (along with all the other re-commitments of cleaner eating, regular exercise, bible study/prayer time, et cetera).

Then two days into the new year I got sick and quickly lost all motivation.

What started as vague aches morphed into sore throat and congestion which soon turned into a 75 year old's hacking smoker's cough (I don't smoke) (I'm not 75, thankyouverymuch ). The kind of cough that can soon escalate into heaves and convulsive seal barks. Scott kept telling me to go to the doctor but since I don't really have a GP and each day I thought I felt slightly better (not really) and I was worried if I actually went to see a doctor they'd say it was just a cold and I didn't need antibiotics and I might as well have stayed home.

I tend to over think things.

This went on for a week.

I know.

Then this past Sunday night Annelise started running a fever.

Great. Cue extra mom guilt.

When Scott came home Monday evening I told him fine, I'd go to the doctor, but wouldn't it be great if Annelise and I could both go at the same time and knock this out in one fell swoop instead of trying to coordinate separate appointments. Then I had the brilliant idea of going to one of the nearby Urgent Care clinics. I was all in, let's get 'er done!

The clinic wasn't too busy and we were seen fairly quickly. They saw us both at the same time and swabbed Annelise for strep throat and the flu since she was running a fever, which came back negative (praise!). The doctor was really nice and we could understand what he was saying (yes, that's a problem sometimes). He made me really happy when he said he wasn't opposed to giving antibiotics for upper respiratory infections (praise!).

About an hour and a half after arriving we left with prescriptions for antibiotics (both of us), 'roids (me) and heavy duty knock you loopy cough syrup (both of us but we only filled one because it was a crazy $62.00).

The draw back to my brilliant plan was the difference in co-pay prices between regular office visits and Urgent Care. I had no idea. #clueless

Scott was not amused.

I kept saying, hey, at least we both went to the doctor! And we have meds!

He relented once he remembered he could file all of this on his flexible spending account, which that in an of itself is weird because you pay your own money and then you get reimbursed with your own money that had been set aside from your paychecks, but just whatever, man, he was happy again.
And he had the grace to not say I told you so when I told him how much better I felt the next day.

So there's that.


Due to the plague and all I never posted about New Year's Eve and Day.

We enjoyed our third annual ringing in of the New Year at Pat and Robyn's house (they are so gracious to invite the craziness into their home each year) with the Smiths and Sabs, as per usual.  We feasted on all kinds of appetizers, including but not limited to most forms of cheese, chatted, laughed and so forth. Rinse and repeat. The kids played basketball, jumped on the trampoline, played hide and seek and tag until the wee hours of the morning. We rarely saw them.
There were also many rounds of ping pong, for all ages.

This photo documents one version of Around the World (or ping pong table) where even the lack of extra paddles is not a problem.

That's what books are for, right?
(I think Annelise and Kamri were either playing basketball or chilling out and therefore not pictured. Macy wasn't there because...

she was at a party at Roger Clemens' house.)

What the what?!?!

Needless to say the men all felt a tiny bit cheated.

The next day, once we got ourselves together after crawling home around 4:00 am, we went over to my dad and Peggy's for black eyed peas and cabbage. And football. Lots and lots of football.

For the love.

Happy 2015, y'all!


  1. so glad your back! I miss hearing your updates! Also glad your feeling better.

  2. Why am I the only one with the NYE crown on? Maybe I should have been a little more observant. haha! Loved the post....glad you are feeling better. :)


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