Last weekend Annelise had big plans to spend a night out in the country (Waller) with her Aunt Karen and Uncle Bill. We arranged to meet Scott's brother Ron near downtown Houston, which was roughly halfway, chatted for a bit and then they went on their merry way West through obnoxious Houston traffic.

Scott and I went on our merry way to dinner at Kim Son (which was convenient since we met Ron in their parking lot).
We shared appetizers, each got hot and sour soup and then shared an entree with chicken, beef, shrimp and scallops. It was all quite tasty but could have been a tad spicier (we've gotten used to Thai food where you have to sip water in between bites).

On the way home we stopped by Cheesecake Factory for dessert to go, as you do.

Kahlua Coffee cheesecake for me and Banana Cream Pie cheesecake for him.

In retrospect, he decided while his choice was good it was too banana pudding-esque.

Kahlua Coffee cheesecake is always a good choice.

(We did make the cheesecake last over two days, so there's that.)

Soon we were nestled in to our respective comfy places, cheesecake in hand (fork?) watching The Million Dollar Arm (that Jon Hamm sports agent recruiting Indian cricket/baseball players movie) on the DVR. It was surprisingly cute.

Saturday dawned early with a T-25 workout for me (still not quite finding my exercise groove, but I'm trying, at least a few times a week) followed by Mugs & Muffins at church. The devotional talk this month was won.der.ful. It was all about our perspective during trials and turning negative situations into positive opportunities to show Jesus. It was great!

That afternoon Scott and I went to see McFarland USA, which was really good. Not only was it clean, it was funny and inspiring, so we gave it four thumbs up. Is it just me or had Kevin Costner been in a gajillion movies these last few years? 

We met Ron and Annelise later that afternoon across town at a Red Robin which happened to be in what was possibly the busiest entertainment complex in Houston. #parkingnightmare After burgers and chit chat we headed home with one worn out, but happy, eleven year old.

In other news, Annelise passed her second test for Force 410 Sunday afternoon, which was quite the accomplishment. You not only have to know the answers to the questions, you also have to list the scripture references. Whew!

We celebrated with a McFlurry.
As one does in these situations.

Ice cream and M&Ms are where it's AT, man.



what i wore

this week's what i wore is short and sweet.

okay, not sure if it's sweet per se, but it is short.

i promise i did get dressed in other outfits (really, i did) but neglected to get a photo for some odd reason or another.

i wore this friday for a casual dinner out.
navy print blouse : nordstrom (similar) // jeans : madewell // nude flats : vince camuto // earrings : stella & dot

this was monday's outfit
sophie hoodie : evy's tree // jeans : vigoss nordstrom // boots : lucky brand // silver hoops : kendra scott (old) // monogram necklace : groopdealz

this hoodie is incredibly soft, playful and crazy comfortable, i want to wear it everyday. next time i think i'll try it open with a denim shirt underneath. it's great to have options!

i'm linking up with the pleated poppy again, be sure to check out more outfits over there.
pleated poppy


Beauty Raves & Faves : Drugstore Finds

When I find new beauty products I adore I feel like it's my duty to share the love.

The good news is all of these are drugstore finds so they won't pinch your pocketbook too much!
(clockwise from left)
01.) Dr. Rescue Baby Lips : This is my favorite lip balm and I may or may not have almost every color. Instead of a fruity scent (taste?) like the original Baby Lips these have a menthol flavor which I prefer. This new color, Soothing Sorbet, is a great bold pop of sheer berry pink.

02.) Rimmel BB Cream : I usually use this in the morning scramble before school to give me a hint of coverage (followed by powder, don't want to look too dewy). As far as drugstore BB creams go, it's my favorite right now.

03.) L' Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara : I am a sucker for mascara and am always hunting for the next best thing. I usually fall back on versions of L'Oreal Voluminous (Original, Butterfly & False Fiber). This one has a really cool brush that flicks on your mascara, helps lengthen and isn't clumpy.

04.) Rimmel Stay Matte Powder : I've been using this powder for a few years now and love it. The only drawback is it's not a compact so no there's no mirror or puff. I use my kabuki brush to apply.

05.) NYX Hi Definition Concealer : This concealer is great for brightening under my eyes and covering any blemishes. I usually alternate between this and the L'Oreal CC Eye Concealer.
06.) L'Oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Cream : I've been using this everyday under my eyes and am hooked. It has a little silver roller ball that applies the product and it feels fantastic in the morning when I roll it on (the roller ball stays cool).
07.) Wet N Wild MegaSlicks Lipgloss :  Y'all. For $1.79 you must try this lipgloss! This color is called Rose Gold (576A) and it's the perfect amount of shimmer and hint of sunny rose. This favorite find courtesy of Flower Patch Farm Girl, she knows her stuff!

08.) Cover Girl Outlast All Day Lipcolor : A few weeks ago I tried Jen Hatmaker's favorite lipstick (Natural Blush in this brand) and liked it but still felt it was a smidge too dark. But this soft pink-nude is much more my jam. Sorry Jen.
09.) OPI Polish: Finally, my new go-to nail polish, OPI Taupeless Beach. It's a perfect mild gray taupe.

There you have it, my current drugstore faves.

If you give any a try be sure to let me know what you think!

What are some of your current drugstore faves and raves?


what i wore

in case there was ever any doubt about me being a jeans and a shirt girl, this post proves my case.

the trick is to not wear the same jeans and shirt several days in a row.


but not this week. only sometimes.
striped shirt & jeans : madewell // metallic flats : vince camuto
gold hoops : gorjana // necklace : kendra scott

the striped top above is boxy and comfy but is a little too cropped so i have to wear a tank underneath. the jeans are a slim boyjean but are stretchy and quite comfortable.

i did don a skirt for church.
striped maxi skirt : target (old) // black top : h&m // denim jacket : nordstrom 
nude wedges : kork-ease : // watch : michael kors : leather cuff : farm girl paints
earrings & necklaces : kendra scott

the white one was my valentine from scott & annelise, i love being able to layer now!
then it was back to jeans again.

of course.
striped hoodie : evy's tree // skinny jeans : madewell : ankle boots : lucky brand
earrings : gorjana // necklaces : stella & dot 
graphic scripture t-shirt : manda strong fundraiser // jeans : asos // chucks : academy 
// leather cuff : farm girl paints // watch : michael kors
earrings : noonday // necklace : stella & dot

sidenote: i am completely infatuated with these super large cow horn hoops and the fact they're made by women in uganda.

second random fashion side note: i always like to distress the neckline of plain t-shirts, usually just by notching the neck, sometimes I cut the whole neck off making it flashdance like and wearing a tank under.

i am an 80s girl at heart.
it grew surprisingly colder a few hours later so I threw on a sweater.

mustard sweater : target

messy side bun : courtesy of day 5 hair.

yes, i said day 5.


also? how distressed should jeans be before you consider them, um...too tacky? these jeans are my most extreme pair (it's true, I have a weakness for distressed boyfriend jeans) and they do raise some eyebrows (the left leg has a huge hole from mid-thigh to knee). i think they're fun, and are certainly comfortable, but i only wear them on super-duper casual days.

i'm linking up with the pleated poppy, be sure to pop over there for more outfit ideas.


Miscellany Monday

Since this past Friday was Scott's day off we did our usual thing of screaming over to breakfast at our favorite joint right after taking Annelise to school.

We are nothing if not boring predictable.

I had been a bit of a cranky pants that morning so I applied some JOY while waiting for my coffee to kick in. #whateverworks

I guess I haven't told y'all I started using Young Living essential oils, have I?

Maybe I'm embracing my inner hippie or something, but they really are pretty awesome.

I ordered my Premium Starter Kit, wholesale, in early December and haven't looked back.


I'll have to do a more in depth oily post soon. Ish.

Instead of a traditional Valentine party 5th grade had a Parent vs. Student dodgeball tournament followed by refreshments outside on the playground. 

Otherwise known as THE BEST DAY EVER.

At least in Annelise's opinion.
They (actually more of a we thing) played different rounds from each class vs. their parents, then dads vs. sons, moms vs. daughters, followed by one or two other variations to serve as tie breakers.

They didn't exchange valentines as a class, which crushed me, at least at first. Like I wish I had known that 4th grade was our last year, it was like the valentine rug had been ripped out from under me. I don't think they do it in 6th grade either, so...I guess there will no longer be any photo valentines with Annelise clutching a tootsie pop in her fist in our future. Sniff. Sniff.

Now the big thing is to send--and of course hopefully receive--treats to each other at school, either anonymously or signed. Part of me thinks this is cool but another part of me worries about comparison or hurt feelings for those that don't get any.  I remember waiting with baited breath and crossed fingers for a single carnation in seventh and eighth grade and having jealousy in my heart for those girls that got oodles.

Annelise used two of her very own dollars to send a box of conversation hearts anonymously to two different boys that she "likes".

She got two special treats from a friend that's a boy and one from a secret admirer that she thinks is one of the boys she sent a treat to.
Young love.

Or whatever it is.

Stop. It.

She gave treats to each of her teachers, a cute dishtowel, Mrs. Meyer's soap (of course) and chocolate (of course). Simple, but practical and tasty too.
Our actual Valentine's Day was super low key, just hanging out together. We briefly discussed venturing out to Cheesecake Factory mid-day with the hopes it would be an off time, even on VD, but decided on take out instead.

Later that evening we watched To Kill A Mockingbird together (I've been re-reading the book, it never gets old). Annelise had moaned and groaned all day about not wanting to watch it and she couldn't care less about this timeless Southern classic and yada, yada, yada.

We were barely three minutes in when she buckled down and declared Scout to be AWESOME and this was going to be the BEST movie ever and when would she see Boo Radley anyway. #listentoyourmother #shesright

Now we keep randomly quoting, "Hey, Boo," to each other and she can't wait to read the book (maybe in another year or two).

Today was a holiday from school for President's Day so we did the only logical thing.

Sleep in and go for breakfast out.

"Why would anyone ever eat anything other than breakfast food?" Leslie Knope

"People are idiots, Leslie." Ron Swanson

And also, "There's no sadness that can't be cured by breakfast food." Ron Swanson
We weren't sad, we just love waffles.

Afterwards, while still on a sugar high, we wandered down to Beauty Brands on a whim and got Annelise's hair done. The lady cut about three and a half inches off and added some long layers.

She also sprinkled fairy dust and worked some hair styling magic.

Thirty minutes or so later this much older tween emerged with straight, smooth, styled hair.
Needless to say Annelise adores her new look and we do too.

I just hope she (and I really mean we) can recreate it.

Fingers and flat iron crossed.


what i wore

i haven't done a what i wore post in months.

what? you mean you hadn't noticed?

for shame!

i've fallen back into the habit of throwing on the same ol' jeans and shirt day after day and not really getting myself together, even in a simple outfit, unless i have somewhere specific to go.


so in an effort to change that i'm going to try to put together outfits on a more regular basis and document the results.

brace yourselves for more what i wore posts from time to time.


this is what i wore to a bridal shower saturday.
i wanted to be comfortable and didn't want to wear a dress/skirt so i went with leggings and a drapey sweater.

striped sweater : free people // leggings : zella // patent nude flats : vince camuto // watch : michael kors // leather cuff : farm girl paints 
neon yellow necklace and stud earrrings : kendra scott (sale!)
sunday was a maxi dress for church
maxi dress : target (old) // denim shirt : stein mart (old) // wedges : kork-ease
neon pink necklace & earrings : kendra scott (sale!)

i know the rayne necklace (along with her other pieces) are a bit of an investment but i wear them so often, and i'm sure i will continue to wear them for years because they are classic, plus they add instant oomph to any outfit. i've gotten most of my kendra items on sale or with special coupon codes, if you follow her on instagram or facebook or get her emails you can find out about special promotions.

i'm linking up with the pleated poppy, be sure to pop over there for more outfit inspiration!

happy wednesday, y'all!


More Miscellany

Can I share a little quirk with y'all?

(Don't worry, I have plenty, but just one for now.)

I don't like to use bridal shower registries. I'm not sure when this distaste set in because I used them in the past, but now I cringe and run the other way.

This might be partially due to the fact that I am usually buying a gift the day before the event because I am nothing if not timely, and have in the past found most everything already purchased by clearly more organized and responsible people.

So I try to come up with something that 1.) I might use myself 2.) something practical and cute.

This is what I put together for a young lady from church that's getting married in a few weeks:
A cast iron skillet, a cute dishtowel and some recipes for cast iron skillets.

Whaddya think?

After dropping and breaking my Pampered Chef skillet a few months back I made the switch to cast iron and haven't looked back. They cook evenly and quickly (there's a learning curve because they heat up fast and keep their heat, let's just say I've burned a few grilled cheeses in the process of figuring things out) and aren't difficult to clean at all (if properly seasoned) (you can scrub with coarse salt if needed and hot water, dry and wipe down with oil before storing again).

After the shower I popped by Target, as you do, for essentials like toilet paper and a new DVD.
In a weak moment near the checkout I couldn't stop The Notebook hopping in my cart for $5.00.

As I shopped I kept texting Scott occasionally and received no reply. So I had to get extreme.
Apparently I will be ignored after all because he was outside doing yard work the whole time.

And to add insult to injury he didn't get my Fatal Attraction reference.

For the love!

In other news I bought Tootsie Pops (see above) for Annelise's traditional photo valentines but have since been informed by Annelise that the 5th grade will not be exchanging any valentines. 

What the WHAT?

They're having a party outside and will be playing parent vs. student dodgeball instead.

Again, what the WHAT?

I'm the one that's crushed of course, Annelise is ALL about the dodgeball.

And finally, who can resist a kitty sitting in the sunlight?
Of course she's probably thinking, "You've got to ask yourself one question , do you feel lucky? Do you, punk?"


Five for Friday

01.) We sure do love Annelise's teachers but I must admit that we might love a teacher's workday even more. Sleeping in + breakfast out at our favorite joint = the best!
We got there even later than planned thanks to a quick stop in James Avery followed by a pop-in to World Market.

You know how these things can happen.

02.) My sweet daddy celebrated his 74th birthday yesterday!
It suits him nicely I think.

We stopped by for a quick visit after school yesterday with cards and candy, because, candy. They were on their way out to an early bird supper with his brothers and niece (and their respective spouses). They have birthdays near each other's so they try to always get together somewhere in between, this year it fell on Daddy's actual day, so that's neat. Eating at 4:30 is practically lunch but I guess when you are of a certain age this is the norm.

03.) I think I may have alluded to my obsession with all things Jen Hatmaker in my last post (but not in a creepy stalker way, pinky promise). She had posted recently about a yummy salad made by one of the Roberstson's clan (Aunt Carol) and it reminded me of one of my favorite salads, Asian Cabbage Slaw, which can and should be eaten by the truckload.

But I never did anything about it, as per usual.

Until she posted again about her addiction to Aunt Carol's salad. That was my trigger. I made a screen shot and headed to Kroger after taking Annelise to school the next morning because my life could go no further until I had the ingredients to make this salad.
Then I made an executive decision right there in the produce.

Why not combine elements of Aunt Carol's salad AND my Asian Cabbage Slaw? That, my friends, would be salad perfection.

So...I did.

Chopped kale (y'all, this comes in a bag and makes life so much easier), coleslaw (yep, in a bag, I'm lazy), broccoli (not in a bag, actually chopped it myself), broccoli slaw (in a package) and romaine (you guessed it, bag).

I sautéed broken ramen, sunflower seeds and chopped almonds in butter until toasty and delicious like the above recipe says. For the dressing I made an Asian dressing (the directions are on my Pampered Chef dressing container, so I don't know exact measurements, but it has rice vinegar, soy sauce, ground ginger, pressed garlic, sugar and canola oil) that's similar to the ones for Aunt Carol's and ACS.

Instead of mixing everything together I lust layered up my salad each day and added dressing, that way nothing gets wilty and sad.

Truth: this has been my lunch for the past four days.

And I am not ashamed.

04.) I triple dog dare you to not get Uptown Funk stuck in your head.

It's pretty much impossible.

So fun.

And smoother than a fresh jar of Skippy.

Girl, hit your hallelujah.

05.) Have y'all been following Humans of New York? If not, why not? 

It's been a delight to see Vidal and Ms. Lopez's story unfold.

Like all the way to the White House.

Happy weekending, y'all!


Miscellany. And Such.

Saturday mornings are meant for mama + daughter Shipley donut runs and car sing-a-longs to Merle Haggard. #mamatried #classiccountryforever

I think there will be Shipley donuts in heaven, don't you? They are the best.
Scott went to a men's church retreat Friday night through Saturday, which he enjoyed, but that left us to fend for ourselves for a while. Don't worry, we managed.

Annelise is participating in a special program for 4th, 5th and 6th grades at church called Force 410. They meet on Sunday afternoons after services through March to do lots of fun activities, service projects and of course serious in-depth study of the Gospel. They offer it every three years and it's something she has been looking forward to for, well, her version of forever. This past Sunday she took her Level 1 test (for the second time) and passed it, woo hoo! Level 2 has most of the same material but she will have to know the scripture references as well. That sounds daunting!

We went over to the Sabs' house after church Sunday night to watch the Superbowl and EAT (of course) which was a lot of fun. The guys got the prime views of the TV, rightly so, we ladies gathered around the table (closer to the food, we know what's what) and the kids were pretty much all over the place, but mainly upstairs.

I didn't really have a strong feeling toward either team, as I am pretty much football neutral (read: I just don't care), but I did express my approval of the Seahawks navy and lime green uniforms.

However I do like the commercials. And the halftime performance if it isn't too sleazy and absent of any wardrobe malfunctions (yes, that was when Houston hosted). I missed Katy Perry's show but heard it was good and fairly clean, so yay for that. I liked the nerd glue commercial and the dog and horses and mean ol' wolf commercial. I'm a sucker for animals, namely Clydesdales.

Related: I think the Rookie player, Butler, from Alabama is a doll. Stay humble, man. Also? Tom Brady should give his new truck to him.

Sometimes I text Scott completely random things.
And he fails to get me.


I love Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope forever! And we need more Ron Swansons.

I'm sad this is the last season but at least it's ending strong.

Speaking of ending, were y'all as crushed by Parenthood as I was? #sob

But in a good way.

Sidenote: Y'all can binge watch past seasons of Parks and Recreation and/or Parenthood on streaming Netflix if you have no idea of what I speak. Good stuff, yo'.

I may never be 1/16 as cool as Jen Hatmaker but I can wear her lipstick.
She posted her go to lipstick on Facebook a few weeks ago and I hemmed and hawed for weeks about trying it because it's one of those crazy long wearing types, but yesterday while at Walgreens, I caved.

The color is a nice pink-y-beige-burgundy-brownish, not too strong (read: scary), a good go with anything type color. I like it, although it is a bit darker than what I usually wear, I just need to get used to it. I have no idea what makes it last so long, and I probably don't want to know, but it really does last for hours upon hours. Since Walgreens had a BOGO 50% off a second one I also treated myself (insert Parks & Rec joke: Treat Yo' Self!) to a pink nude ( #mystyle) (#535 Nude Flush) and truth be told, I think I like this one a teensy tiny bit more.

Don't tell Jen.

Sidenote: I posted this pic on Instagram yesterday and lo and behold, Jen Hatmaker liked it.


My heart is full.
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