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Saturday mornings are meant for mama + daughter Shipley donut runs and car sing-a-longs to Merle Haggard. #mamatried #classiccountryforever

I think there will be Shipley donuts in heaven, don't you? They are the best.
Scott went to a men's church retreat Friday night through Saturday, which he enjoyed, but that left us to fend for ourselves for a while. Don't worry, we managed.

Annelise is participating in a special program for 4th, 5th and 6th grades at church called Force 410. They meet on Sunday afternoons after services through March to do lots of fun activities, service projects and of course serious in-depth study of the Gospel. They offer it every three years and it's something she has been looking forward to for, well, her version of forever. This past Sunday she took her Level 1 test (for the second time) and passed it, woo hoo! Level 2 has most of the same material but she will have to know the scripture references as well. That sounds daunting!

We went over to the Sabs' house after church Sunday night to watch the Superbowl and EAT (of course) which was a lot of fun. The guys got the prime views of the TV, rightly so, we ladies gathered around the table (closer to the food, we know what's what) and the kids were pretty much all over the place, but mainly upstairs.

I didn't really have a strong feeling toward either team, as I am pretty much football neutral (read: I just don't care), but I did express my approval of the Seahawks navy and lime green uniforms.

However I do like the commercials. And the halftime performance if it isn't too sleazy and absent of any wardrobe malfunctions (yes, that was when Houston hosted). I missed Katy Perry's show but heard it was good and fairly clean, so yay for that. I liked the nerd glue commercial and the dog and horses and mean ol' wolf commercial. I'm a sucker for animals, namely Clydesdales.

Related: I think the Rookie player, Butler, from Alabama is a doll. Stay humble, man. Also? Tom Brady should give his new truck to him.

Sometimes I text Scott completely random things.
And he fails to get me.


I love Parks and Recreation. Leslie Knope forever! And we need more Ron Swansons.

I'm sad this is the last season but at least it's ending strong.

Speaking of ending, were y'all as crushed by Parenthood as I was? #sob

But in a good way.

Sidenote: Y'all can binge watch past seasons of Parks and Recreation and/or Parenthood on streaming Netflix if you have no idea of what I speak. Good stuff, yo'.

I may never be 1/16 as cool as Jen Hatmaker but I can wear her lipstick.
She posted her go to lipstick on Facebook a few weeks ago and I hemmed and hawed for weeks about trying it because it's one of those crazy long wearing types, but yesterday while at Walgreens, I caved.

The color is a nice pink-y-beige-burgundy-brownish, not too strong (read: scary), a good go with anything type color. I like it, although it is a bit darker than what I usually wear, I just need to get used to it. I have no idea what makes it last so long, and I probably don't want to know, but it really does last for hours upon hours. Since Walgreens had a BOGO 50% off a second one I also treated myself (insert Parks & Rec joke: Treat Yo' Self!) to a pink nude ( #mystyle) (#535 Nude Flush) and truth be told, I think I like this one a teensy tiny bit more.

Don't tell Jen.

Sidenote: I posted this pic on Instagram yesterday and lo and behold, Jen Hatmaker liked it.


My heart is full.

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  1. HaHaHaHa! I have sent that same Ron Swanson text to my husband before:)


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