Miscellany Monday

Let's just get this out of the way and declare how much the Spring Forward time change bites, m'mkay.

I feel like Sally in the pumpkin patch yelling about being robbed.

I know it's just an hour, but it was MY hour ( and yours too, you should join me in my indignation).

But we'll just have to deal, as per always.

Last weekend we went to the wedding of a darling young lady from church and the Girls and I kind of insisted on posing with the bride for a photo.

Also? We may have surprised her by asking her to feel her dress.

I know! You can't take us anywhere.

But it had a cool basket woven pattern up top and all these fluffy, feathery bits at the bottom and it had to be touched. She looked gorgeous!

She was gracious enough to pose with all the kiddos too, because she's awesome that way.
Houston Rodeo is in full swing and we are doing what we always do, ignoring it.

Except I did cave and buy Annelise a western shirt to wear to school for Go Texan Day.

This is as Texan as she gets.
I know I've mentioned this before but I have a serious weakness for pink-y nude lipsticks and glosses. Like, it's a real problem. I knew I had it bad but my addiction became even clearer when I dumped my overflowing make-up bag and loose stash floating around inside my purse (not counting my closet shelf stash)

Pretty much 10+ glosses, balms and lipsticks all within a few shades of each other.

And then the next day I bought a new gloss, Forbidden Nude, by Bare Minerals, and it's my new favorite.
Also? I recently discovered the L'Oreal Privee nude collection of lipsticks at Walgreens (or wherever) and fell in mad love with Julianne's pinkish nude and Frida's brownish mauve-y nude. There are several in the line but those two are my faves. Like I might need to stock up in case they're only limited edition. #scared

Last weekend we had to say goodbye to our sweet Spooky. She was 15 years old. Over her last week or so we noticed she had lost a lot of weight and was lethargic. She had always been a petite cat but only weighed 4 pounds at the end. We took her to the emergency vet and she stayed on IV fluids overnight without showing much improvement. Her kidneys were failing so we decided it was time to say goodbye. It was pretty much awful.
She had been spending a lot of time near the refrigerator vent or sitting on us, and now we know she was trying to get warm. I even caught her like this...
I just thought she was being weird, but she was cold because her body's systems were failing.

We adopted Spooky and her sister Spunky as kittens from the SPCA and they went through phases of hanging out together over the years. After a spell of ignoring each other they had recently started napping together again, which was sweet to see.

Now Spunky meows for her sister in the wee hours of the morning, which breaks our heart to hear.
We loved our Spooky, with all of her quirks.
Snowball (our rabbit) desperately wanted to be her friend.

Hence Spooky's annoyed face.
We will all miss you Spooky!!


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