Miscellany Monday

Apparently I blinked and just like that spring break was over and I found myself packing a lunch and driving Annelise to school this morning. After a week of no alarms and no schedule we both thought this morning was a little rude, but she was ready (mostly) to get back to her routine and see her friends and such.

The first day of spring break I had a mysterious, yet thankfully slight, fever making me feel achey, alternately cold and sweaty and so forth, so that was fun.

Tuesday's highlight was our extensive St. Patrick's Day celebrating. And by extensive I mean the opening, pouring and consuming of Lucky Charms.
Wednesday afternoon Annelise went over to Grace's house for a sleepover. Skylar was there too and the three of them had the BEST TIME EVER (her words) with the highlight being several epic Nerf battles (also known as their version of the Hunger Games). 

When I picked her up Thursday afternoon she was running on fumes. After an earlyish dinner she voluntarily took her shower and retreated to her bed, from which she did not emerge from for almost 12 hours. What in the world? 
I have a confession. I'm becoming a hoarder of my current favorite lipstick, Julianne's Nude from L'Oreal's newish Privee Nude collection. It's the prettiest pink-y nude, which as y'all know is one of my weaknesses. Since I am worried they will spontaneously discontinue this line I've decided to pick up a tube (or two) whenever I find them (they're often sold out). Smart or obsessed, you decide.
My March Essential Rewards order from Young Living arrived last week and I did my happy dance. This month I'm trying some new-to-me oils (Release, DiGize & En-R-Gee) along with restocking some favorites. I guess I'm also turning more crunchy granola suite (Neil Diamond anyone?) because I am in red hot love with my new all natural Thieves toothpaste. 

I've been meaning to blog about my new oily adventure and of course I haven't yet. 

After hemming and hawing for months I finally took the oily plunge and ordered my Premium Starter Kit, wholesale, last December. The kit comes with 11 everyday oils, a diffuser and a few other samples and is a great way to try several essential oils at a manageable price. I started out using the oils, mainly Thieves at first, then several others for various things and was quickly hooked. I started out diffusing them, then applying topically and some I mix a drop or two with water (or hot tea) and drink them.

I soon branched out into other oils and products and am now fully on board the oily train. Choo-Choo! One reason I was so anxious to try essential oils was for help with crazy hormonal issues and insomnia, which is a post or two on its own, but I will just say for now that I am feeling better and sleeping better, so score another win for YL's awesome oils! I also joined the Essential Rewards program, which is totally optional, to save on shipping and earn points for future products. The two small oils above on the right, marjoram and balsam fir, were freebies this month, YAY! 

Annelise woke up with terrible reflux (her words) the other night and I used her as our guinea pig to try out DiGize (which is an oil blend for digestive issues) for the first time. I mixed a drop with 4oz. of water for her to drink and it helped almost immediately. I'm thankful to have these oils on hand for all kinds of things.
Annelise and I treated ourselves (Treat Yo' Self!--Parks & Rec., anyone?) to Starbucks after a dud of an Old Navy & Marshall's excursion Friday afternoon.

I also treated myself to a few goodies from Ulta, but that's no big surprise, right?

Happy Monday, y'all!


  1. Love Parks & Rec! So sad it's over! I have just started reading about Essential oils. There's so much to learn! I'm hoping that Lavender can help with my sinus issues.

    1. Yes, I'm sad Parks & Rec is over too, but at least it went out at a high point and is available on Netflix. :) I love using my oils and definitely have a lot to learn/try too. I've used lavender for skin issues, like a flat iron burn or on my face at night (with frankincense, LOVE frank) for wrinkles and general skin help. Good to know swabbing in/around the nostrils can help nasal issues. Happy oiling!

  2. Love your Monday posts. I too am using YL oils. Have starter kit and some other oils. I too have been dealing with insomnia. I use cederwood and rutalava. I want to add some others but, not sure what to use. Saw you were doing Edie's YL on FB. Me too. I 'll have to look for the Julianne lipstick. I am a lip product hoarder..well makeup in general....but I am sure you understand. I would love to hear what you have been reading! Take care, Sue

    1. Thanks Susan! I've been using Cedarwood on my feet at night for sleeping, I also wipe the extra onto my pillow. I've been sleeping much better, though the night even. I know some people diffuse lavender or cedar wood at night too but I haven't tried that yet. Yes, I'm excited to learn more about hormone solutions with Edie's class!

      I haven't read anything new lately except for The Station Agent. I re-read Pride & Prejudice and am now re-reading Lonesome Dove.


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