Miscellany Monday

Happy day after Easter y'all!

We scrambled to pose for a quick family photo on the porch (it was sprinkly) after church before changing clothes and making the long walk (it's two houses down the street) to my dad and Peggy's house for lunch.
Annelise and I were unintentionally semi--twinning in our denim jackets.

Y'all may remember that I am a severe introvert bordering on hermit, with only occasional bursts of emotionally exhausting extrovertedness, so a large family lunch with several strangers (okay, not technically strangers but very extended family and strangers to me) is almost too much for me to handle. For the love.

Also? It has apparently become my *thing* to make my Big Salad for every single stinking family get together, which is fine because I love it, but I was feeling rather rebellious this Easter and decided to make my Asian Slaw instead.


I was almost exiled.

Even though just about everyone commented on how much they liked the slaw several also made sideline pleas for me to resume my regularly scheduled salad contribution for the next family get together.

For the love.

Annelise was excited to see her cousins, play basketball and get her egg hunt on.
Which was not as abundant as one 11 year old had hoped.

As it turned out, we had given the five year old a head start and that heavily depleted the available hidden eggs--especially since Annelise chose not to waste her time picking up any of the boiled eggs. Give her candy or money or nothing.

For the love.
Random rabbit selfie.

You know.

Annelise and the other Force 410 kids at church got to celebrate their hard work and the end of the program (three months!) Thursday night with a private party at Putt Putt Fun House.
She invited a friend from school, Emma, and they had a fabulous time together, the highlights being the laser tag (several battles), the arcade, and the water bumper boats. 

Annelise completed all four levels of the program and we couldn't be more proud of her!
Random giant burger selfie.

You know.

It's actually called a Frito Bean-Dito and it's delicious.

Annelise had Good Friday and today off from school, which was nice.

After sleeping semi-lateish and lazily getting ourselves together this morning we ventured out for breakfast, er...brunch, at our favorite joint, the Egg & I and then popped by the mall.

As you do.
Random mama-daughter selfie before brunch.

You know.

I finally got my hairs did last Tuesday, it was loooong overdue as my last visit was for my birthday back in November, and my roots were screaming for attention. On a whim I told my stylist that my hair was possibly a tad too long and we agreed that trimming off the long back under section, like three or four inches, would be a good thing to do. Well, she got a little carried away with her scissors as she was cleaning up my layers and I now have significantly shorter hair. Like almost a lob ( a long bob). At least it feels that way as it hits just below my shoulders. I'm having to figure out how to style it all over again as the layers feel all gangly and awkward right now.

My appointment also went off the rails time wise, either due to my need for more foils this time and my massive amount of hair or to the fact my appointment was scheduled an hour later than normal, and I realized I would be late picking Annelise up from school. Yikes! I had given her a heads up that morning though that this might happen and she might need to go to after care, which we've never done before but is thankfully available at her school. The whole time Susan was finishing up my hair--and every time she stopped to take a phone call--I was a nervous wreck wondering how Annelise was adapting to after care and worried she was worried about me or something.

When I picked her up she announced that after care was AWESOME (except there were no snacks and she was starving), she got to play almost an hour of dodgeball (!!) and asked if she could go back to after care the next day (um, no).

So in other words I was in an anxious heap for nothing.

Happy Monday, y'all.

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  1. When I saw your first pic I thought to myself how great your hair looks! I also chuckled that I have the same skirt but you have so much more style than I do. I don't know how to make an entire outfit with it look cute, but you look great!!


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