Six for Saturday

01.) We have had a deluge of rain these past few days which resulted in a cancelled soccer practice earlier this week and a cancelled game today, much to Annelise's dismay.

The Shipley donuts we had this morning helped to brighten her mood.

02.) I know the donuts pretty much cancel out my workouts, like ordering a Diet Coke and a pizza, but it's our Saturday tradition. We don't get that many like we used to (hey, progress!), just one each, okay, and donut holes, because cute and tasty. 
03.) Annelise had achievement testing this week (not the mandated state tests, but still...). She liked it mainly because she got to bring a blanket and book, have snacks and bigger breakfasts. Eggs!!

Reading + eating = bliss.

(She started reading The Hunger Games recently and is hooked.)

04.) I was totally geeking out over my new labels for my essential oils (my April ER order arrived this week). Now I can find things so much faster. Yes, I need to invest in better storage, especially since it appears I am out of room, but I haven't seriously looked for anything yet since this leftover tin from Christmas pecans has been working just fine. #fancy
05.) I'm using several of my oils every single day, for my skin and hormonal issues and I'm so glad to have others on hand when needed, like for headaches, allergies, colds or digestion issues.
06.) Yesterday I tried Ningxia Red Nitro for the first time before my Les Mills Pump workout. It's a little tube of energy goodness! I don't think I will use it before every workout but I was planning on doing Pump and T25 for cardio so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out. I also put some En-R-Gee on the bottoms of my feet (one of the fastest ways to get the oils into your system) for an extra boost.

Maybe it's all a placebo but I think I had a little more oomph.

Lately (well, twice now) I've been choosing the option to pump up the music and mute the trainers (their spiel gets a little annoying after doing the workout over and over) and it's like a whole new world of Pump. #whateverworks

I managed to get in five, count them 5, workouts this past week, which feels awesome. Today is a double down day with T25 (one day a week you're supposed to do two 25 minute workouts, whee) and I'm scared but also excited because Beta is really, really a lot of sweaty fun. Some of it is crazy challenging for sure but the good news is it's only 25 minutes!

Happy weekending y'all.

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