Once again I seem to have drifted into only posting once a week, if that.


In case you missed all the Facebook and Instagram posts, Mother's Day was Sunday. Sorry if that was  a little snarky, I've just always had mixed--leaning toward bitter--feelings about that particular day. Seeing all the homages stirs up all my simmering feelings of sadness, anger and jealousy that I don't have my mom or grandmother and haven't had them in my life for 30+ years. I was feeling all nostalgic so I dug through some old pictures and really only managed to make myself feel even worse because I don't have many photos of all the family together and the ones I do have aren't very good, think Polaroids or Kodak Instamatics, and are random candids. My mom took lots of photos of me but we hardly ever seemed to pose all together. Sigh.


I did enjoy celebrating being a mother to this girl.
We ended up at Cheddar's for lunch, which was not in my top pick of places to eat but somewhere we thought we could get in without too much of a wait on such a busy dining out day. Annelise ordered a steak (!!) and ate the whole thing (!!). What in the world? She's growing like a weed on Miracle Gro!

In the spirit of keeping things real and not letting a smiley photo fool you, we did have an *episode* later that afternoon over the state of her room (read: shantytown slum) that included raised voices, okay, yelling, high emotions, okay, seeing red and don't forget,  tears. So Happy Mother's Day and all that.

But her room is clean.

In other news, she performed twice last week with 5th grade band, once in chapel and then at Fine Arts Night.
I could only see the top 1/4 of her head and a smidgen of trumpet during the performances, so she obligingly posed beforehand for documentation. They sounded okay, but I didn't recognize any of the three songs they performed. Interestingly, sixth grade sounded really good so we're hopeful for the future.
After stretching out my yearly supply of contacts into almost two and realizing I was down to my last pair, I bit the bullet and went to the eye doctor last week. 
Annelise gave these earrings, complete with cheesy pun on the tags, to her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week. Simple, easy and she said they liked them. Hey, since they're not too spendy, order some for yourself too!

Friday could not come fast enough for Annelise. Why? That was the big 5th and 6th grade band field trip to Schlitterbahn in Galveston. She was up and ready by 6:30 for a 9:00 am departure, so um...yeah, girl was ex.cit.ed.
She had a BLAST, big surprise, and was also exhausted (although she wouldn't admit it). 

And finally (is anyone still reading this?)...

New kicks, neon no less, provide excellent motivation for working out.
It's true.



Miscellany Monday

I didn't mean for two+ weeks to pass between my posts, but, alas, it did.

And now it's May.


Let's catch up with a few random things, shall we...

01.) Years ago we got a Chipotle in our area so Scott and I dutifully checked it out. We liked it except for the fact you have to buy chips and salsa, which is the opposite of every other Tex-Mex place, so we boycotted Chipotle on principle (although I suppose most fast food Tex-Mex places make you buy them but I consider Chipotle a step above). Last week, for some odd reason out of the blue, we tried it again.

As evidenced by this awkward selfie on the patio.
Needless to say we all three are now hooked on their bowls and have somehow managed to eat it three times in the last two weeks.

I don't know what to say about that. #addictivepersonality

02.) We had a wonderful ladies tea at church weekend before last. Everything from the decor, the company, the food and most importantly the two lovely women that spoke from their hearts and God's word made the event perfect.
03.) When I got home from Ladies Day Annelise was bursting at the seams to show me her Lego creation. She had an extra credit assignment for math to design and build her dream room to scale, so of course she decided to make hers out of Legos.
Notice her defense system of dual cross bows by the bed and a pizza on her nightstand.
A mailbox conveniently located by the front door along with a garage for her ATV (I think it might also double as a boat) and purple motorcycle.
I got a kick out of all her details!

I also got a kick out of the fact she did this purely on her own and was ready to turn in two weeks early. Math has been a little touch and go this quarter so an opportunity for extra credit was MUCH appreciated.

04.) I've been experimenting with a few self-tanners to get a little glow going.
I've used the Jergens Natural Glow off and on the last few years and have always liked the gradual color that develops.

The other two self-tanners are recent finds and I must admit, I likey.

I ordered the Dr. Gross glow pads from Amazon after reading a few bloggers (like Big Mama and Shay) sing their praises. I like that the tanner is on the wipe and all you have to do is swipe it all over your face, neck and chest (carefully of course). So far I've only used two wipes, maybe once a week or a little longer. The color is a tiny bit strong at first (I put it on before bed and the color develops overnight) but then wears really well and looks natural. Since I use my Clarisonic daily though I don't think any self tanner will last for too long on my face.

The Tanwise bronzing sunless mousse is my newest obsession, thanks to an Instagram post last week.   I've never used a mousse before but it goes on really smooth and the bronze color helps you see where you are applying it so you can avoid streaks. There is an immediate color, which is a nice brown, not orange-y at all, then the self-tanner builds over time. I used a mitt to apply which makes everything so much easier and less messy. The reviews compare Tanwise to St. Tropez, but it's much cheaper ($12.00 vs. $30.00!). Also? There's no funky self-tanner smell. I'm hooked!

And I guess that's enough miscellany for now.

Happy Monday, y'all!
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