Five for Friday

01.) Annelise had the BEST time at her friend Grace's birthday party/sleepover this week. Her mom deserves a medal, like seriously, for taking four girls to Galveston and not losing her mind or a child. They went on the Duck tour, which is a newish thing down there, following suit I'm sure of the success of the ones in Boston and other places. She said she didn't really pay too much attention to the tour because, you know, she was talking to the other girls and eating Sweet Tarts, but she does vaguely remember talk of the 1900 hurricane and Jean Lafitte (the famous pirate) so she did absorb a tiny bit of history. They also went to Stewart Beach for a good long while, see beach jumping photo below.
You'll have to imagine three other girls also jumping off to the other side of Annelise, I didn't think I should post bikini clad girls to the web without permission. They finished the day back at the birthday girl's house for more food, a glow in the dark Nerf war and then at some point they finally slept.

02.) Because of all the fun and the late night Annelise wasn't too keen on going to her last day of basketball camp. Mean mom that I am, I made her go. The nerve.

Oh look...she got most improved player!

If she hadn't gone she'd have missed out on that, wouldn't have gotten her camp shirt and missed out on the last three on three and five on five games. I know, I'm so mean.
I'm always setting miscellaneous items on the stairs or banister for her to take up and put away or whatever she needs to do with them. I am always finding Nerf darts in all kinds of nooks and crannies around here so they are often on the banister for her.

03.) I'm also such I mean mom that I made Annelise go to the pool (at my dad's house) with me this afternoon instead of letting her stay home by herself. As if I've ever let her stay home by herself (although I might at some point eventually, she is almost 12 and all). 
Even though she wasn't all fired up about going to the pool (it's BORING, mom!) she settled in with popcorn and a book (required summer reading for sixth grade, Wonder; she read it last summer but is re-reading to refresh her memory). She did eventually swim but not for long and still managed to pester me with "When can we go home-isms" left and right. Joy.

Sidenote: Since Annelise is a full-fledged moody tween and there's often, um...drama, I've recently resorted to responding to her complaints by singing a few lines from Linda Ronstadt's Poor, Poor Pitiful Me.
Because I am nothing if not sympathetic.

Another good one is Tragedy by The Bee Gees.


04.) I blocked her moans and groans out as well as I could by escaping into this delightful book.
Seriously, it's got me all wrapped up and I could hardly put it down to type this post. It's a carry-on of sorts from Life After Life (amazing!) but focuses more on Teddy. I also highly recommend her Jackson Brodie series.

Honestly though I've been a quite off my reading game this year. I always set a goal to read at least my current age (46 for January 2015 when I set it) and keep track of things on Goodreads. I've always surpassed my goal but Goodreads informed my I'm currently 14 books behind schedule for 2015. Oops!

05.) I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this, but we are totally hooked on American Ninja Warrior.
(Monday nights, set your DVRs!)

Are y'all? Do y'all eat Oreos while you watch? We do and then of course feel shame and guilt...but...you know, Oreos!

Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. We love ninja warrior too! Lol
    I don't know anyone else who watches it. My girls are 11 and 7 and they try to set up obstacles around the house then it is on.. When I read stuff about your girl it is like I am writing it about my own.. Lawd help me through those teen years lol. God bless

  2. I can relate to the moody tween business. I think I'm going to start singing Poor Poor Pitiful Me...at least it will give me something to laugh about. :)


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