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Annelise finished up her soccer season Saturday with a tie, which after a few clobberings by teams with bigger kids earlier this season, this was much appreciated.
We sat along the sidelines and tried not to melt into the grass (fail) and think cool thoughts (not really that helpful) while cheering her on. The team celebrated their season with a pizza party afterwards under the shade of the bleachers. Her team has had the same groups of kids, along with a few newbies here and there, for several years now and it's really great to see them grow in their skills and abilities. There are two girls that have been on Annelise's team for a couple of seasons now (here she is with Cadee) but the rest have all been boys.
Scott's brother Ron and his sister Karen came down for a visit Saturday and to see Annelise play, which was totally an act of love because it was HOT out there y'all. We retreated to Jimmy Changa's after the game to cool off and stuff ourselves with yummy Tex-Mex, as you do.
Annelise is going to a girls' basketball camp at my old high school four mornings this week which has been fun. Well, fun might be stretching things a bit since she's not a fan of getting up and out of the house earlyish (it starts at 9:00, whoa) but she likes the skill practice and the three on three games they've been playing so it's all good, yo'.
Girl's got her sleepy game face on here, watch out.

In non-sports related news, we went shopping for a new dish rack (after 20 years--it was a wedding present--ours broke) at Bed Bath and Beyond (I don't normally like to shop there but it was convenient at the time) and ended up getting Annelise a new comforter set instead (they didn't have any dish racks that met my criteria, as in, super cheap).

I told her we could look since she's been begging for something updated for over a year or longer and she's had the same one since transitioning out of her toddler bed somewhere around age four or five. I know. But in my defense her old set was from Land of Nod and was super cute and therefore hard to part with (at least for me). We had almost given up hope because everything was either too mature or too expensive but then as we were almost out of the bedding area there was a table with bed-in-a-bags for dorm rooms and there was something there that we actually both liked and more importantly, it was not expensive. Winning! It's a classic black pattern with grey and mint accents, in other words, really, really cute. She has an antique style iron frame twin bed that has a trundle bed underneath but I think as she's gotten older she wishes she had a full or queen size, even though that would cause her to lose most of the room in her room...so we're twinning it a while longer. Like maybe until college.

While I'm too lazy to go upstairs to snap a photo I'm not too lazy to show you what it looks like on their website. You're welcome.

Of course a new bed set led to the rearranging of her bedroom furniture which led to the rearranging of some of her wall decor which led to the hunt for a cute chalkboard or cork board (we found the former at World Market) which also led to shopping for accent pillows (still looking) and a cute side table or ottoman pouf for her incidentals (iPod and water bottle, you know) (we found a cute wire flower table at Kirkland's, which, yay! but their potpourri almost knocked me out).

In other news, Scott hammered the two nails back into my dish rack and I'm good to go for possibly another 20 years, so there's that.


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  1. Yay for cheap solutions that the mom AND the tweener agree on! It really is pretty.

    All that running around and games in the heat are the main reason I didn't have kids. God bless you mamas; I do not know who you do it.

    And I am glad y'all just fixed your dishrack; the ones they make nowadays are crap and they still charge an arm and a leg for them.


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