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Last week one of the mom's from school invited all the 6th grade girls from volleyball camp (9 girls plus two 8th grade girls) over for lunch and swimming after camp which was really fun.
Most of the moms dropped their daughters off and I was on the fence about staying or not right up until we got there. I had a back up plan of taking myself and my book on a date to eat Pho but then decided at the last minute to stay and chat with the moms (there were two at first and then two more came near the end). So props to me for being social.

This week Annelise is doing another volleyball camp, this time at my old high school. I know it might seem crazy to do two camps back to back, and it probably is, but it's good practice for her without the commitment  (and expense) of a volleyball club, at least for now.
The camp starts at 7:45 (as if!) and is over at 9:45 so we've been stopping for a second breakfast because she's usually starving again. Monday found us at Dunkin' Donuts, yesterday was Shipley's for donut holes and today was Whataburger for taquitos.

Volleyball camp is an enabler.

She's getting in lots of skills and drills and tomorrow (the last day) will be a tournament.

Yesterday I snapped a picture during a drill and it looks like she's adding a bit of jazz hand flair to her skills.
In other news, I've taken a break from my #60milesinjuly. Last week I tripped on a stupid raised part of the street and went splat onto the concrete. It wasn't too bad, just road rash on my calf, a bruised hip and of course, bruised pride (a truck was driving by right when I ate it). My legs and lower back were sore the next few days so I took a break and then this week with volleyball camp being so early I haven't gotten my runs done in the morning (and yes, I could go in the evening but...hush).

But I made it to 38 miles and that's way better than my track record of the previous months, as in, zero, zilch, nada, so I'm okay with this particular failure.

And now for something completely different...I'm excited to add CIZE to my home workout arsenal. 

This white chick can't dance.

But Shaun T is teaching me.

And it's crazy, sweaty fun!
I ordered the DVD set Friday and am still waiting to get it, but Beachbody offers a free 30 day trial of their streaming on demand workouts so I've been able to go ahead and get started with the first two songs/workouts. You learn everything in small segments and go over it all from the top each time you add on and then at the end of the workout you Cize It Up where you do the dance three times to popular music. You can do the Cize It Up section as many times as you want without doing the entire workout over, which is really cool. Each workout is 30-45 minutes and it doesn't even feel like a workout, you're just dancing and sweating up a storm. So fun!



  1. Sorry about your fall, but at least you aren't in a boot all summer like moi! I took a tumble on our stairs in June and have been on crutches since. I understand about the drop off vs. staying at parties because we're going throught that right now, too. I feel like if I leave, the other mom's will be talking about me! I'm not sure what the appropriate age is for leaving your kid at a party.

    1. Oh no--sorry about your foot being in a boot all summer! Hope you're free soon.

  2. I was wondering if you were going to get Cize. I bet you'll love it! I just bought 21 Day Fix, which I'll start tomorrow. I need to get back into good eating and exercise habits and some friends at church are doing it. Have you done 21 Day Fix??

    1. CIZE is a lot of fun--and I am NOT a dancer, but Shaun T really breaks things down well and goes over everything from the top tons of times before you do the whole dance at the end to the popular music (Cize it up).

      I haven't done 21 Day Fix but I've heard such good things about it. Good luck to you and your group! :)


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