Miscellany Monday

Let's catch up with a bit of miscellany, shall we?

Scott and I celebrated our 20th anniversary last month.


That sounds crazy but it's true.

Our actual date fell on a Wednesday, so we celebrated with Blizzards at Dairy Queen with friends after church.

We celebrated a bit more that Friday with a late lunch at Perry's Steakhouse which was really nice. I had never been there before so it was a treat.
We tried their fried asparagus with crab meat, which I know sounds like an odd combination, but trust me, it was gooooood. Scott got their famous pork chop (they carve it table side, like it's a thing) and I got a shrimp and spinach salad that turned out to be more sauté than salad, so I was kind of meh about it.

After lunch we popped over to see Jurassic World which turned out to be more entertaining than I thought. I really don't know how Bryce Dallas Howard ran from all those dinosaurs in those high nude heels though. That? I am not buying. Genetically engineered dinosaurs? Maybe. Running in heels? Nah.

And to finish off our date we stopped by Cheesecake Factory to get cheesecake to go (Godiva for me and Chocolate mousse for Scott), as you do. Of course I went into my whole spiel to Scott about how every time I order Godiva cheesecake it always makes me sing Lady Godiva...children at your feet...lalala like The Beatles.

He kind of looked at me funny before saying, "I think you mean Lady Madonna."


Yeah. That.

In other news, Annelise and I got pedicures a few weeks ago to kick off summer.

It's not something I let her do regularly because they just don't last on her but I really needed one so she got one too. She picked a blue polish and I got Mod About You by OPI, which is a super light cotton-candy-pearly-pink.
So...I hadn't ridden my bike in a few weeks or five and look what happened.
Guess I won't be riding it any time soon either.

There's a teeny tiny mama bird (maybe a wren?) that built this nest and then each day laid one teeny tiny egg until there were five. It was so fun to see a new egg each morning! We've seen her sitting on them a few times but she always flies off to the corner of our garage when we go in.

How long before there will be baby birdies? I have no clue about these things.

Annelise lost her iPod/iPad privileges in mid-June due to rather excessive in-app purchases that we didn't know about until we looked at our credit card statement. So we had iPodGate2015 investigations followed up by deprivation and reparations in the form of chores to earn it back.
I have to say it was so nice for her not to be glued to her iPod or our iPad playing Minecraft and reading or playing Legos or whatever instead.

In related summer-y news, stay tuned for posts about our recent VBS and our annual Schlitterbahn schlepping.

Happy Monday, y'all!

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  1. We had ipod gate at our house last summer! Griffin lost his privileges and still doesn't have them back but he actually opened a facebook page without our consent, not just buying some apps. This summer we sent him away to camp for 5 weeks but really, what's a mom to do? Summers with internet access scare me!

    We finally got a cheesecake factory here a couple years ago and the godiva one is my favorite too.


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