Back to School 2015

We are now in the third week of school.

I say we because getting back into the swing of the school thing involves more than just the student.

And because I'm nothing if not timely, I'm finally getting around to posting about it.

In preparation of the start of sixth grade Annelise got a hair cut. As we are not ones to waste a good blow-out and style (and are huge fans of dry shampoo) she was able to stretch her straight hair style a good four days. #winning
She loves to wear her hair straight, because that's the popular look among the tween crowd, but doesn't like to put in the time required to style it that way herself (even with my help), so now she's back to her curls. It's a good thing that she has options but she doesn't always see it that way.

Monday afternoon, the day before school started, was meet-the-teacher.


Brace yourselves, we may have gone a bit overboard.
But really, who's to say what constitutes too much when there are chandeliers involved?

Along with all the locker festivities (there were lots of sixth grade girls decorating and both boys and girls practicing opening their lockers, so there was um, a LOT of drama going on in the hall), we met Annelise's teachers. Like last year there are three rotations plus electives, PE and of course lunch.

She was highly excited to see the class lists and figure out who was in her class and such. 

Girls are so funny. And dramatic.

After all the meet-the-teacher brouhaha we treated ourselves to Starbucks, because, duh.
She loves Double Chocolate Chip Frappes, because who wouldn't love all that sugary goodness. I got an iced Americano because it was August I didn't want/need all that sugar.

The first day of school dawned bright and early for both of us (rude), but she got scrambled eggs out of the deal so she was happy.
All too soon it was time to scurry to the car and scream on over to school.


But I managed to coax the new sixth grader into a quick photo before we left.
Her school's main parking lot is undergoing some construction (long story) so they've had to make changes to the drop-off process and asked parents not to walk their kids in the first few days because parking was extremely limited. This hurt my heart because I've always walked her in the first few days but I obeyed the rules (others did not, which made me hrrumph and roll my eyes) and just did the drop off. Cue sadness.

She had a great first day and has enjoyed being back in the swing of school.

Except for the homework, of course.

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  1. She's always been adorable, but she's turning into such a beauty! LOVE her locker.


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