Life Lately

Hello August.

Really? We're already five days into August?

Apparently so.

Just a few randoms of late to share...
Annelise finished her second volleyball camp of the summer last week and really enjoyed it. We got fliers about two of the volleyball camps in the area and when I told her there was another camp offered this week at AVA she said no way Jose, two were enough, #thankyouverymuch. We need to seriously look into club volleyball for this year since she can't try out for school until seventh grade. She loves soccer and basketball and I think she will like volleyball even more once she gets more experience actually playing the game (she's all about the action).

She did get voted best hitter and her team won the championship, so she was feeling all the happy feels, mainly because the winning team all got a Gatorade, but whatever.
We spent Saturday evening at my dad's house for burgers and such. Peggy's sister from Mississippi, Ellen, was there visiting, along with Peggy's grandson, Ray, so that was the perfect reason to have an impromptu family gathering. Annelise was beyond thrilled to hang out, swim, play basketball and don't forget, shoot targets with pellet guns with her cousins, Cole and Colin. Good times.

We hadn't been to the Egg & I in a while so we popped in for lunch there after church, which we'd never done before. I got the Vera Cruz, which is a staple in my Egg & I rotation.
It's an egg white omelet with chicken, green chiles and cheese with avocado and it's DEE-lish. I probably shouldn't eat the english muffin, especially since I always use jam, but I figure it's better than a pancake or waffle with syrup. Yes, I live by rationalizations, don't you?

In other news...there has been much drama the last several days over something crucial, well, as crucial as our entertainment is, haha. Scott has laid down the hammer and is switching us from DISH Network, which we've had for 18 years, to Direct TV so he can see Root Sports which has the Houston Astros and Rockets coverage that DISH has not had for, um...a while. He's also adding the SEC for A&M football, so whatever. I'm glad that we'll get some channels that Direct offers in their basic package that are extra on Dish and that we'll save some money for the first year as new customers, but we'll no longer have any leverage as loyal 18+ year customers AND I get to spend the hours of 12-4 tomorrow waiting for installation.

In case y'all have been living under a rock, y'all probably heard about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale that was tempting women everywhere for the last few weeks ended Sunday night. I am proud to report I did not order anything. Not. A. Single. Thing. Nada. I had things in my cart but when it came down to the wire I decided my life could go on without them.

Womp, womp.

Are y'all on Periscope? Have you heard of Periscope? If not, y'all MUST check it out. It's a free app for live video or you can catch the replay for 24 hours before it vanishes. I follow it for fitness and lifestyle motivation and I've learned tons of health/fitness/beauty tips in the last week and a half or so. I follow @ChaleneJohnson, @Shauntfitness, @nataliejill and @iamfitandfunky for health, fitness, workout ideas, tips and motivation and @CoachGlitter is great for lifestyle/make-up type tips.

I like the fact that it's unedited so what you see is what you get, it's more real than a YouTube edited video. You can also interact by posting comments or questions live (if the broadcast isn't too full), which is cool. Check it out when you get a chance!

And since it's August and the start of school is looming on the horizon, like in less than two weeks--what the what?!?--I finally checked out Annelise's uniforms to see what she might need replaced since she's been growing like a weed and of course there's not a sale right now at Lands End (the overachiever moms ordered their kids' clothes last month and got 30% off, and...I didn't) so I put a few things in my cart and am patiently(not) waiting for a coupon code, even if that means Annelise has to start school in last year's duds (don't worry, they still fit, the shirts are just a tiny bit snug).

We will be shopping for new shoes (Nike and Converse probably) and locker decor.

Locker decor. What the WHAT? When did decorating lockers become a thing?

My inner middle schooler from the early 1980s is highly jealous.



  1. Locker shopping and accessorizung is my fav. I have done it with 3/4 of my gals already. I am also a middle school child of the 80's, sorry you didn't decorate, we went ALL out. Even used wrapping paper as door wallpaper on the inside. Stickers with our names were big as well :) have a wonderful week. I miss your fashion posts :)

    1. I wish decorating lockers had been a thing here, I feel cheated. :) We've already found a couple of things for Annelise's locker but she's hoping to add a bit more bling.

      I've missed doing fashion-y posts too--maybe once school starts I'll get back into the swing. Right now they would be workout clothes and basic shorts & t-shirt--anytime I wear *real* outfits I always forget to take a picture. :)

  2. I caved and bought a cardigan on the last day of the sale. BUT I used a gift card, so I didn't actually spend any money. All I ever had on my locker in the 80's was a mirror. Of course! Alise isn't allowed to decorate their lockers at school.

    1. Good for you--basically free stuff! :)

      I'm sorry your daughter can't decorate her locker--although I kind of wish it wasn't a thing here--much easier and I'm not looking forward to the comparison drama either.Oy!


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