Six for Saturday

01.) Annelise started school this week, complete post on all the school related shenanigans to follow at some point soon-ish.

Stay tuned.

02.) Since I'm technically a Young Living Essential Oils distributor I've been thinking about getting myself together and setting up a webpage or link to you know, actually try and distribute. But only in a super laid back way because that's the only way I roll.

Stay tuned.

03.) I've also been stewing and brewing about signing up to be a Beachbody Coach.

I know!

If I do, can we still be friends?

I need to look into it more seriously and weigh the pros and cons, but I figure since I'm such a fan of their products anyway and I'm using them regularly, why NOT go for it?

Stay tuned.

04.) I've been playing around with Periscope and have actually made a few Scopes. As per always, I'm kind of all over the place and random and am still figuring things out. I do think Periscope will be more helpful once I get myself together with the oils and possible Beachbody situation. I have learned tons of tips, on a variety of subjects, from other Scopers though.

If you'd like to follow me over there just download the free app and search for @marathonbird or @hollyshaw. Scopes disappear off the app after 24 hours but are available on Katch.me/marathonbird if you want a good laugh. Live video ain't no joke yo'.

05.) This has been another good week for my workouts and such, which feels great. I've managed to get a workout in every day for the past three weeks, (!!) which is so the opposite of what I was doing previously. I mean, I was working out but not really pushing myself with a combination of weights and cardio and I was frequently making excuses for not working out.

This week I stuck with a combination of ChaLEAN Extreme Push Circuit (there are 3 to rotate through each week), Les Mills Combat for my main workouts, then a little TurboFire HIIT, a little Les Mills Pump and one Tony Horton One on One Arm workout from Beachbody on Demand here and there.

06.) I don't have a #6. I was going to do a Five for Friday post yesterday and chickened out.

Happy weekending, y'all!

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