Current Beauty Favorites

Y'all know I am a make-up junkie, right?


Not to the level of some I'm sure but no where near low maintenance either.

I like to switch my make-up routine from time to time by shuffling through my stash and occasionally trying out new things. Sometime last year, I think, I started using a few IT Cosmetics products. I liked them for a while and then, of course, started changing things up again. I think my skin gets stuck in a rut and seems to respond better when I switch back and forth between a few different foundations and such.

After setting everything out for this picture I realized I am full-on back in my IT Cosmetics infatuation.

So let's take a peek, shall we? 

Starting from the left, I've been using a drop (or so) each of IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream in Light and Medium as a light foundation, blending it around with an angled foundation brush (not shown). It has nice coverage but I like a bit more so I follow up with a few swooshes of IT Cosmetics Celebration powder foundation with that flat brush shown. You can also wear the CC+ Cream or the powder foundation by itself, which I sometimes do when in a rush.

Sidenote: IT Cosmetics has amazing brushes! QVC offers combinations that include product and brush sets that are really good deals, Ulta also sells IT Cosmetics and their brushes, but separately.

I use a tiny dab, believe me a little goes a long way, of  IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer under my eyes. For contour and blush and highlight I use the Vitality Face Disk from, yep, you guessed it, IT Cosmetics. So nice to have everything all together in one compact! I finish up with Bye Bye Pores powder from IT, which really makes pores vanish, fo' real. They've now come out with a pressed powder version which I carry in my purse and keep the messy loose powder at home.
Shown in the middle are my two current faves for my brows, the top pencil is from Rimmel and is a neutral shade called Hazel, it also has a brush on the cap which is really convenient. My favorite fave for brows though is Brow Power from IT Cosmetics (are you sensing a pattern?) in Universal Taupe. It works well for most brows (the depth of color depends on how hard you press) and has a spooly brush on the other side.

I've become friends with my Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow collection again, as shown to the right. They apply quickly, blend easily and mix well together. I love these shades of muted brown, taupe, bronze, grey and vanilla (these last three have shimmer). They wear well and the shadow pots last seriously, forever.

Of course I use mascara and eyeliner as well, they're just not shown.

I bought this IT Cosmetics lipstick and gloss last year and never quite felt like they were right for me.  They are both in the shade Je Ne Sais Quoi, that's so fun to say by the way, which goes on clear and then changes to a lovely soft pink. Almost like a mood lipstick, I guess. It also acts like a lip stain and the color lasts for quite a while after the gloss wears off. You can wear the lipstick or the gloss by themselves or layer them for a more dramatic, and glossy, look. On a whim last week I started using them again and am now completely hooked.

In other beauty related news, I am currently managing to only wash my hair twice a week, if all goes as planned. It's so freeing! I'd love to push it to once a week if I could!

I'm sorry if y'all think that's gross, but it really works with my hair texture and general lack of motivation to go through the entire shampoo, blow-dry and style process too often. The more you wash your hair the more your scalp produces oil to balance things, so washing it less actually helps your hair. Maybe you can't stretch out your shampoos as long as I'm doing, but maybe try to go at least one day between shampoos to start with. Finding the right dry shampoo is such a game--and life--changer!

I flip between a few brands, and you might need to try out a few before you find the best one for you, but I'm currently loving the Fresh scent Batiste (I've used the original before as well).
In final beauty news, I picked up a new OPI polish last week, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around (I love their names!) which is a pale beige-y taupe, a really nice neutral shade. I also gave these Rimmel cream eye shadow crayons a whirl.They're great for a super fast swoosh of color, but I think I like the Maybelline Color Tattoos the best as far a cream shadows go.

What are some of your current favorites? Do tell.


  1. Can I just say, I got a little giddy when I saw your blog post title?! :) I have been debating about trying some IT products since my last Ulta flyer, but would like to wait until we take a trek to the big city so I can see them in person before pulling the trigger. (this is a 2 hour drive at least, since we live in the middle of NOWHERE) Right now, I am using some super cheap eye shadow that I received in my last Ipsy bag, before I cancelled my subscription. Since I don't really leave the house all day, it is fine. I have my Naked palettes for when I do leave the house! Still trying to find a great eye liner, but I really like Urban Decay's Perversion mascara. And am hooked on Supergoop CC cream for foundation. I also just discovered the OCD lip tars and I am really liking them! They are VERY pigmented and matte, but very fun for a change. Something you haven't discussed…what is your favorite fragrance??

    1. I hope you get a chance to try some of the IT products, I've been really happy with them. I've need tried a lip tar--sounds intriguing. :)

      I'll have to do a post on fragrances sometime--that might be fun!

  2. I love this - thanks for posting! I have waded into the waters of IT cosmetics and wasn't sure which products to get. I have the CC+ and was thinking I might need a little something more in terms of coverage. I am definitely going to try "a little swirl" of the celebration foundation trick :) oh and the brushes... I agree they are fabulous!

    1. Oh Good! I'm glad you've tried some of the IT products and do add a bit of the celebration powder on top of the CC+, it adds more coverage without being heavy.

  3. I tried the cream eyeshadow after reading this and OH MY GOSH! this stuff is awesome!!! it really, truly does stay on all day!! thank you!!

    1. The Maybelline Color Tattoos? Yes girl! They are great aren't they?! Especially for drugstore brand!

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