Life Lately (The I Am Ridiculous Version)

I am ridiculous.

And here's why.

In most emotional situations I often wonder if I'm missing a sympathetic gene. While I usually feel empathy or shared sadness for others (I don't think I'm a sociopath) I am not a crier. Like hardly ever. All my friends will be red faced and sobbing over something and I'm just putting on my best sad face and feeling left out of the tear fest feeling like a cold blooded oddity.

But then out of the blue, say during the season (series?) finale of The Astronaut Wives Club when Neil Diamond sings Holly Holy at the end, and BAM! I'm doing my own small version of the Ugly Cry.

Like I said, I am ridiculous.

But I do have a severe fondness for the space program and all the movies (The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, various documentaries) and mini-series (From The Earth to the Moon and now apparently The Astronaut Wives Club can be added to the list) and of course, Neil Diamond and when the two are combined, well I turn all Patsy Cline and fall to pieces (see what I did there?).

Another way I am ridiculous is that I bought another MAC lipstick last week.
Yes, two weeks after I got three MAC lipsticks in the mail from Nordstrom.

Y'all know I have a weakness for lipstick. And gloss. And basically all things make-up.

But Fit Rocker Chick got a new lipstick and shared what it was on her Periscope and it was SO pretty that I just couldn't help myself.

Pink Plaid by MAC and Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Gloss together is pretty much perfection.

Like gum from Jill Goodacre while stuck in an ATM vestibule.

(Chandler Bing anyone?)

I also got a new eyeshadow, MAC Mulch, a warm bronze-y brown, that is my new fave.

Sidenote: I did a Scope about what Periscope Told Me To the other day, you can see my old scopes at Katch.me/marathonbird if y'all have time to kill while clipping your toenails.

Scott and I are both ridiculous because we had a date night and were kind of boring.

But we were TOTALLY okay with that.

Annelise went to a birthday party/sleepover Saturday evening so we talked about going to the movies since we hadn't been in a while. But then when it finally came down to it we just couldn't commit. All the movies were after 6:00 and that's way too late (we're old) none of them were MUST SEE (we hemmed and hawed about Mission Impossible Whatever #) or were too questionable (I adore Jason Bateman  (Arrested Development, yo') but a lot (most?) of his movies lately have been raunchy) and we didn't want to wait to eat until after the movie (priorities people) so...
we went to our favorite Mediterranean dive that we always go to instead.

And it was GOOD.

We were the youngest people in there, yes, we ate with the Early Birds at 5:30.

Also? There was live music and even a sing along (we abstained) but no bellydancing this time.




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