Miscellany Monday

Aren't three day weekends the best?


We celebrated Annelise's birthday all throughout Friday (full post coming soon) then topped off the day with our first Friday Night Lights of the season.
(cool photo props to Macy, Scott may or may not have snagged this photo covertly.)

It may have also been my last, at least for a while, until the weather changes. By the time we schlepped from the parking lot and muddled our way around some construction zones I was a hot mess and never fully recovered since it was a muggy 87+ degrees even after sunset.

But it was fun to sit with friends and be sweaty and uncomfortable together. Okay, I may be stretching the word fun. It was Senior Night and we got to see two of our favorite senior girls perform, Mikayla with the band (along with her freshman sister, Miranda) and Kelsey leading (!!) the Cavalier drill team. We missed the parents escorting the seniors before the game since we were eating out for Annelise's birthday, but saw some pictures of the festivities and then got to enjoy the halftime show. Kelsey's dad, Jeff, got to dance with her, which was a hoot.
She was also gracious enough to pose for a few photos under the bleachers a little later.
It's awesome to have great role models for our younger girls to look up to (and they do)!

Sunday night we all got together again after church for taco night along with more fun and games over at the Sabs house. Pat had sent us all trivia questions to answer ahead of time and he set up a quiz on Kahoot.it for us to play on their TV using our phones to answer. It was hil. ar. i. ous. And also rather cutthroat (but all in good fun). After that game we played a few other pre made trivia games and then the kids drifted in and got in on the fun, eventually taking over, with Star Wars and cartoon and history quizzes. They got a little cutthroat too (but all in good fun). We wrapped up the festivities in the wee hours of the morning and dragged our sleepy selves home.

Thankfully, today we had no plans other than being lazy and recovering (staying up super late always wrecks me, I'm old).

How was your Labor Day weekend?


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