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Y'all might already know this, but over the last several years I have been on a journey to better health, fitness and overall wellness. There have been many steps forward along with a few steps back, but I can say with confidence that my later 40s (shhh...I'm 48) are better than my 30s, or even my 20s in many ways.

Beachbody's home fitness and nutrition programs, along with Shakeology, have made a HUGE positive impact in my life, health and well-being. I'd love to help you start or re-start your journey to better health and wellness!

Now ALL current programs (and any future releases) are available to stream on your home TV, laptop, iPhone or iPad through the Beachbody's All-Access Annual Pass which is CRAZY cool! It's like Netflix for fitness and it's AWESOME!

You also get me as your coach and biggest cheerleader along with support and accountability through private online groups.

Ready to start your journey?

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You can also check out my Beachbody coach site here.


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